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Medium Size Gun Safes

SPECIAL FORCES - 60"x32"x28"
Medium Size Gun Vaults - 20 Gun Capacity

Are you a gun collector who needs room for plenty of guns & ammo, but has limited space? The Special Forces series gun vaults can be configured to hold up to 17 long guns. Scroll down the page or click a quick jump link below. Please call to talk with one of our mid-size safe experts.

Special Forces Gun Safe
Up to 17 Long Guns
Special Forces Gun Safe Interior
Side Shelves - Optional Pistol Holders
40 Min Fire - 700lbs - 1/4" Door - $1099
60 Min Fire - 820lbs - 1" Step Door -
"Best Value" 90 Min Fire - 950lbs - 2" Step Door -

10% OFF Gun Safes with Concrete Fireproofing

Special Forces Gun Safe
Step System Door
Special Forces Gun Safe
Wood Trim Interior
Special Forces Safe
Anniversary Series
Special Forces Crown Series Safes
Crown Series
Convertible Interior with extra gun rack.
Convertible Interiors

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2 inch Jig-Saw Door.
Step System Door
3/4 inch Steel Frame - Protects from Prying.
3/4" Steel Frame
safe interior
Wood Trim Interior
custom wood grain finish safe and vault door
Custom Wood Grain Finish

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Tactical door interior for Special Forces gun safe.

Add a Tactical door interior to your Arsenal gun safe.
Tactical door interiors can be fully customized in
virtually any configuration.

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Ready-to-Use Tacticals
Ready-to-Use Tacticals
Metal Ammo Racks
Metal Ammo Racks
The Best - All Steel Components
The Best All Steel Components
Custom Configurations
Custom Configurations

For more information on Custom Interiors please click here.

Looking for a mid-size gun safe?

If you are in the market for a new safe consider our Special Forces. It holds 15 guns with removal shelves to secure 25 rifles. Our gun racks can be custom designed to spread out your weapons so they don't knock up against each other. And here's the best advice we can give you: don't buy your gun safe at a discount stores. Buy factory-direct from us. We offer thicker steel, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board and step doors that are twice as strong and fire resistant than most gun safes on the market. Our new 2014 lifetime warranty includes coverage on your lock, fire and attempted break-ins.

Fire Test Video
Gun Safe - Fire Test
$3,000 Cash In Safe

Special Forces gun safe
Starts at $1099
Factory-Direct Prices -
20%-50% Lower than Our competitors!

Up to 17 Gun Capacity - Body

  • Uni-Body Bent Steel Construction
  • Holes for Bolt Down (ask your salesman)
  • Total thickness of safe wall - 1 1/2" with
    Steel & Fireboard
  • 10 Gauge Body -- 1/4" Steel Body Option
  • 3/4" Thick Steel Frame Protects Your Bolts!!! -
    Thickest in USA!

Convertible Interior with extra gun rack.
NEW! Convertible Interior with extra gun rack.

Price table at bottom of page - Call for free shipping deals 800-266-7150

Special Forces Anniversary Series
60"X32"X28" - 900 LBS - $1699

Special Forces Gun Safe Anniversary Model
900 lbs.

13 Guns with Shelves
90 Min. Fireproof
  • 2" Step Door - 90 Min Fire
  • 4 Layer Fireproof - Body & Door
  • 10 Gauge Body - 2.25" Fire Wall
  • 3/4" Steel Pry-Resistant Frame -
    4 x Thicker than Box Store Safe
  • Black or Burg. Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Spindle Wheel - Gold or Silver
  • Pistol Holsters on Door
  • All Walls Fully Carpeted
  • 2 Relockers - Brass-Arm & Indep.
  • 2 Expandable Gaskets
  • S & G Combo Lock - Optional:
    LG Digital Lock (US Made)
  • 12 Bolt System W/ Fire Gaskets
  • Convert Interior - Extra Gun Rack
  • Life Warranty - Lock & Fire

2" Jig-Saw Door
2" Jig-Saw Door
multi gasket fire sealing system for safes
Four Expandable Gaskets
On Bolt Side of Step Frame

Special Forces Anniversary Series
60"x32"x28" - 900 lbs.
Special Forces Anniversary Series interior
Convertible Safe Interior
2 inch Jig-Saw Door.
Step System Door
3/4 inch Steel Frame - Protects from Prying.
3/4" Steel Frame

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Custom Double Pistol Holster
FREE This Month!
Custom Double Pistol Holster


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Special Forces Informational Video

Financing Available!
Double pistol holders
NEW! Double Pistol Holders
Special Forces Gun Safe - Sportsman Steel Safes
Custom Initials
Special Forces Gun Safe - Sportsman Steel Safes
13 Gun Rack with Shelves


Call About Premium Paints - 800-266-7150

Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint

Looking for Safes in Texas or the Midwest? Click here.

NEW!Iron-American Series

Best Gun Safe Ever Built -
Three times the Strength and Fire-proofing.

Iron-American Series

1700 lbs.

Sportsman's NEW Iron-American Series is the first gun safe built like a $10,000 bank vault. This premiere safe is the highest fire rated, most advanced design in the industry. With twin Defender Locks, Five Barrel Relockers, 3/8" Steel Body, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board, 2" Step Door, Inner Steel Liner, 2 Hour Fire and Stainless Steel Door liner, no gun safe on the planet compares! Our Iron-American Series is the only gun safe in the USA to incorporate features of a TL-Rated commercial safe and have the appearance of a piece of art.

Special Forces Safe Iron American Series
CALL: 800-266-7150
  • DOUBLE 1/4" STEEL BODY - American Made
  • 3" Jig-Saw Door
  • NEW! 4" Thick Firewall Double-Steel
  • 2 HR Fire
  • 8 Layer Fire System - First EVER!
  • Concrete fireproofing -
    4 x more fire resistant than fire board
  • Quadruple Fireboard
  • D-Day Double Lock
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes
  • 1/4" Inner Liner of Steel
  • Gold or Silver Plating
  • 18 Bolt Top & Bottom Bolt System
  • All Walls Carpeted
  • 1" Solid 60RW Hardplate
  • 3/4" Thick Bolt Protectors
  • 4 Barrel Re-lockers
  • Double Steel Body
  • Continuous Welds in Body
  • Personal Initials
  • Fire & Lock Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty


5 inch thick firewall double steel

Best gun safe step system door

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USA Made Jewelry Trays
Jewelry trays, ring traysJewelry trays, ring traysJewelry trays, ring traysJewelry trays, ring trays
Add a touch of elegance to your vault with custom jewelry trays from Sportsman.
Call for a free consultation - 800-266-7150

Customer Satisfaction Promise

Concrete fireproofing -
4 x more fire resistant than fire board

Option: $199-$599

  • 2 Layers of UL 5/8" fire liner on six sides of body plus door
  • Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board
  • 2 Palusol® Expandable Door Gaskets that expand to seven times their original size
  • 2" Jig-Saw Step System Door -
  • 4-Point Seal - Like a commercial-grade safe

    Call for Quote - 800 266 7150
6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard fire protection
Palusol fire gasket


Stores up to 17 Long Guns and 50 Pistols!
rifle & pistol storage
long guns and shelves
Custom gun racks
Convertible Safe Interior.

Click on images to enlarge.


Agent B 59"x22"x18" - 1 1/2" Door  - 6-15 Guns  - 40 min - 400lbs  $699 
Agent C 59"x22"x18" - 1 1/2" Door - 6-15 Guns -  60 min - 455lbs $799 
Supra Home 30"x20"x20" - 1 1/2" Door -   Shelves    - 60 min - 300lbs $699 


SF - 1  10 Gauge Body - 30 MIN FIRE - 1/4" Door, 1/2" Steel Frame, 10 Bolt System - 700LBS $1099 
SF - 2  1" Jig-Saw Door - 60 MIN FIRE - 2 Expandable Gaskets, 3/4" Steel Frame - 810LBS $1299 
SF - 3  2" Jig-Saw Door - 80 MIN FIRE - Double Relockers, 12 Top & Bottom Bolts - 975LBS $1599 
Special Forces - Iron-American Series  60"x35"x32" - 2 HR Fire - 3" Jig-Saw Door, 8-Layer Fire System - SEE IRON AMERICAN PAGE - BEST GUN SAFE IN USA - 1700 lbs $3995 

*1/4" Steel Body Package $499 - Comes with 1" Hardplate with 2 Barrel Relockers

*Please note. Gun capacity may vary depending on internal configuration and type of rifles or shotguns being stored.

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