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Wine Cellar Doors
Specializing in Wine Cellar Doors in Los Angeles

Sportsman-Pentagon Vault Doors has been building vault doors to secure safe rooms and wine cellars since 1980. With wine collections growing more valuable, it makes sense to protect your rare wines from theft. And our refrigeration system is unmatched. Our wine cellar doors come insulated with "Temp-Shield Reflective Insulation", consisting of two layers of "Barrier Bubble Laminate". This material is sandwiched between layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance. Our "tiny bubbles" contain air retention pods to provide increased resistance to heat, keeping your wine at the desired temperature. wine vault door, refrigerated wine vault doors
This is what your vault can look like.

wine cellar vault doors, refrigerated vault doors


Wine Cellar Vault Door
With Refrigeration Seals - $3499

Wine vault security doors
We can create a wine vault door to fit any environment.

Wine Cellar Door - Standard Features

  • 2" Step Door - 90 Min Fire Rating
  • Temp-Shield Reflective Insulation
  • 2300 Degree Ceramic Fire Insulation
  • LG-I Digital Lock - Quick Access
  • Custom Automotive Paint - Burgundy, Green, White
  • Gold or Silver Plating - Artisan Pin-Stripe
  • 5/8" 60rw Hardplate
  • 18 Bolt Locking System
  • Twin Refrigerated Seals
  • Internal Release - Spring Loaded
  • Banker's Spindle Wheel
  • Custom Initials
  • Two Spring-Loaded Relockers
  • Two PalusolĀ® Expandable Gaskets

Keep Your Wine in a Safe Environment

Our insulation is used to either contain heat or resist heat to maintain cold temps. This means our Wine Cellar Doors will not only keep your bottles cool, but protect them in case of a mild fire. It reflects 97% of radiant energy and resists other types of heat transfer, thus providing effective insulation. S

Our refrigeration material provides resistance against three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. It also forms a barrier against moisture, air currents, vapors, fungus, insects and nesting rodents.

It's Easy to Open

Our Heavy-Duty Wine Cellar Door is balanced on two floating pins, making it a breeze to open. It can be fitted with a quick-access digital lock to be opened in a split-second. 

Super Cost-Effective

It doesn't make sense to buy a regular wine cellar door. Not with our wine cellar vault doors selling at the same cost. Plus, our Wine Cellar Vault Doors have never been broken into in 30 years. Whether your wine collections is $8,000 or $800,000, Sportsman-Pentagon Vault Doors gives your wine cellar a look of sophistication and grandeur.

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Wine vault door and environmental seals
Wine Cellar Vault Door with Environmental Seals

Refrigerated wine vault door seals
NEW - Refrigerated Seals

Wine Cellar Vault Doors

Model Dimensions (inches) Wall Thickness Door Thickness Weight (lbs.) Price
WD-1 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Step Door     800 $3699
WD-2 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" 3" Step Door     950 $3999
WD-3 80 x 35 x 6 4" to 12" Stainless Steel    1100 $5899
WD-4 80 x 40 x 6 4" to 12" 2" Step Door     950 $4299
WD-5 80 x 40 x 6 4" to 12" 3" Step Door    1100 $4799
WD-6 80 x 40 x 6 4" to 12" Stainless Steel    1400 $6399

Note: Wine Vault Doors come with hinges on the right side - Left-hand hinges available upon request.

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