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Small Gun Safes
Small Gun Safes - Secure 7 to 10 Long Guns

Do you need a safe secure vault to store many long guns, but have limited space? The Sergeant series gun vaults can be configured to hold up to 10 long guns plus handguns & ammo in a secure safe that can fit in a closet. Great for Burglary and Fire Protection for Home & Office. Scroll down the page or click a quick jump link below. Please call to talk with one of our safe experts.

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The Sergeant Gun Safe

40 Min Fire - $799 - 1/4" Door
60 Min Fire -
$999 - 1" Step Door

2" Step Door - 90 Min Fire
FREE Shipping - $1599

The Sergeant Gun Safe Interior
2-10 Guns - Side Shelves
Optional - Pistol Door

Sportsman Safe Fire Safety Test
Gun Safe - Fire Test - $3,000 Cash In Safe

A Small Safe That's Still a 'Real' Safe!

The Sergeant is one of our most popular gun safes because it can be hidden easily. In your closet, storage room or back office. Our small closet size safe can be placed in remote areas in your house burglars will seldom look. It may be small, but it's twice as strong as other gun safes with the same dimensions. Many so-called gun safes in this size category are just flimsy gun cabinets weighing as little as 150 lbs. Our Sergeant small gun safe weighs 500-700lbs. It is perfect for 6 long weapons with five side shelves. Plus, you can add our super fireproof doors to the safes. Many other gun vaults do not allow you to put the better quality options on small safes. Not us... we can add 1/4" bodies and 1" thick doors to your safe making it a super heavy-duty gun safe. And the doors are easy to remove and bring upstairs if that's on your mind. If you're going for a small gun safe, our Sergeant is right for you.

The Sergeant interior
A Real Safe that
can fit in a closet.
Many options available.

"Great for hiding your gun safe in a closet"

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60 Min Fire - 600lbs
1" Step Door -
Sportsman Safes Specials

Our Sergeant gun safe is a little warrior with a lot of heart. His military dimensions are 60" x 25" x 22". With a 4 1/2" double steel door and 12 gauge body (1/4" steel optional), our soldier weighs 580 lbs. He guards against break-ins with two relockers and 3/4" steel bolt protectors. He holds 2-10 long guns with five side shelves that convert to hold 17 guns all the way across. We can fireproof your Sergeant from 30 min - 2HR with 6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard. The Sergeant is perfect for storing guns in a closet. And if you want to beef him up, we can add 1" solid steel doors with 1/2" Steel Body. Call us for a Quote.

Body Construction

  • Press-broken Steel - Uni-Body Bent Construction
  • 1/2" Holes for Bolt Down - (Ask your salesman)
  • 12 Gauge Steel - 1/4" Steel Body Option
  • 1/2" Thick Steel Frame Protects Your Bolts!

Convertible Interior with extra gun rack.
NEW! Convertible Interior with extra gun rack.

Price table at bottom of page - Call for free shipping deals 800-266-7150

NEW - Step System Design! - Most Sealing Points in U.S.

Our new "Interlocking-Doors" have revolutionized the gun safe industry. The 2" Step-Door seals on 5-levels during a fire. And our 3/4" Step Frame is the strongest pry-resistant frame ever. For 2014, we are including 2 re-lockers in your internal mechanism. It's the reason we've never had a vault door drilled open in 35 years.

Step System Door
2" Step Doors - First EVER
Steel safe anti pry frame
3/4" Pry Resistant Frame
Gun safe hinge detail
1" Steel Hinges with
Precision Aligned Doors
Digital safe lock and spindle wheel
USA Made Locks and
12 Top & Bottom Bolts

Win a Free Sportsman Steel Safe - Get Safe Quote Sportsman Safes Quick Quote

NEW!  The Sergeant Anniversary Series
Heavier & Stronger than Ever!

60"X25"X22" - 680 LBS

2" Step Door -
90 Min Fire
FREE Shipping - $1599

CALL: 1-800-266-7150
2" Jig-Saw Door
2" Jig-Saw Door

SERGEANT Anniversary Series Features:

  • 2" Step-System Door -  5 3/4" Total Thickness - 90 Min Fire
  • 3/4" Steel Bolt Shields - 5 x Thicker Than Typical Gun Safes - Pry-Resistant
  • 2.25" Thick Fire Wall
  • Black or Burgundy Matte Semi-Gloss Paint
  • 5 Prong Bankers Wheel - Gold or Silver
  • Double Pistol Holsters on Door
  • Presidential Interior - All Walls & Door Carpeted
  • 2 Relocker System in Door - Brass-Arm & Independent
  • Anniversary Silk-Screen Pin-stripe
  • Double Fireproof Door and Body
  • 4-Level Spring-Loaded Relocker
  • Change Combo Key / Feature
  • LG or S&G Brass-Arm Relocker in Lock
  • Gold or Silver Pin-striping and Hardware
  • S & G Combo Lock & Key (American-Made) Optional: LA-G Digital Lock Type 1 (American-Quick-Access)
  • 12 Top & Bottom Bolt System
  • 2 Expansive Fire Gaskets & Bolt Down Kit
  • Convertible Interior (Guns & Shelves - Extra gun rack)
  • Life Time Warranty -- With Fire Warranty
Custom Double Pistol Holster
FREE This Month!
Custom Double Pistol Holster
Steel Safe Frame
NEW 3/4" Steel Frame - Protects from Prying
Bolts with Fire Grommets
NEW 1 1/4" Bolts with Fire Grommets

Call for additional options: 800-266-7150

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The Sergeant Video

Financing Available!
Double pistol holders
NEW! Double Pistol Holders

We Beat All Competitor's Pricing.


Call About Premium Paints - 800-266-7150

Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint Premium Safe Paint

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NEW!Iron-American Series

Best Gun Safe Ever Built -
Three times the Strength and Fire-proofing.

Iron American Series Gun SafeIron American Series Gun Safe Interior

Iron-American Series


Four inch thick double fire wall steelSportsman's Iron-American is the first gun safe built like a commercial grade safe. It possesses the highest structural strength and most advanced fire design in the gun vault industry. With double D-Day Locks, 5 Barrel Relockers, 1/4" solid Steel Body, 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board, 3" Step Door, Inner Steel Liner and 2 Hour Fire, it's the only gun vault in the USA to incorporate features found on a "Tool & List" government level safe. And with ten custom colors to choice from it has the appearance of a fine piece of art.

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Iron American Series Features

  • 1/4" Steel Body - American Made
  • 3" Step System Door
  • NEW! 4" Thick Firewall Double-Steel
  • 2 HR Fire
  • 8 Layer Fire System - First EVER!
  • 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board
  • Quadruple Fireboard
  • D-Day Double Lock
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes
  • 15 Gauge Inner Liner of Steel
  • Gold or Silver Plating
  • 18 Bolt Top & Bottom Bolt System
  • All Walls Carpeted
  • 1" Solid 60RW Hardplate
  • 3/4" Thick Bolt Protectors
  • 4 Barrel Re-lockers
  • Double Steel Body
  • Continuous Welds in Body
  • Personal Initials
  • Fire & Lock Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty

Sergeant gun safe Iron American series step system door"The King of Gun Safes."

With 6" Total Thickness Our Doors Weight
Twice a Competitor's Gun Safe

4 barrel safe relockers Iron American Series safes
4 Barrel Relockers

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Kevin Hand - Gun safe and vault door expert
"Learn About The Secrets Of Buying a Quality Gun Safe"

Sportsman 6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard Fire System

6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard Fire-Proofing Option

  • 2 Layers of UL 5/8" fire liner on six sides and door
  • 6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard on six walls & door
  • 2 Palusol® Expandable Door Gaskets that expand to seven times their original size
  • 2" Jig-Saw Step System Door -
  • 4-Point Seal - Like a commercial-grade safe

    Call for Quote - 800 266 7150
6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard fire protection
Palusol fire gasket


Wide-Open Interiors - Two-In-One Converter

The Sergeant comes standard with a 6 gun rack with four side shelves. But you can remove your side shelves and converte your interior to a 15 gun interior in a snap. You simply remove your side shelves and install our extra 8 gun rack. It's perfect for the hunter who has an ever expanding gun collection. Your safe also comes with 100% adjustable tracks. This allow you to move your shelves and gun rack up and down, to accommodate different size weapons like AR-15 or extra long Trap shotguns. Call us if you want to custom design an interior.

The Sergeant interior
Configurable Interiors
6 to 15 Gun Capacity

Custom interior gun racks 
Custom Gun Racks Available - Anyway You Want!

Special deals on gun safes
Gun safe jewelry safe combination
Call Us For Custom Interiors

Store Your Pistols on the Door -
Ask Your Salesman For Pricing

 Store Your Pistols on the Door
 Pistol storage on safe doors


Special Agents Gun Safe

Special Agent Model

Special Agent - "C"

Convertible Interior - Side Shelves

Special Price - $799


6 Gun with Shelves
6 Gun with Shelves
12 Long Gun Maximum
Double Gun Racks
100% Adjustable Shelves
"Double Gun Racks"
10 Top & Bottom Bolts
10 Top & Bottom Bolts -
Los Angeles - 1-800-266-7150 · Houston 1-888-681-4140



Win a Free Sportsman Steel Safe - Get Safe Quote

Agent C 60"x22"x18" - 1 1/2" Composite Door - 6-15 Guns - 40 min - Matte Black Finish -
400 lbs 
Agent C 60"x22"x18" - 1 1/2" Composite Door - 6-16 Guns - 40 min - Gloss Black Finish -
400 lbs

Sportsman Shipping Information Page linkTHE SERGEANT Gun Safe Pricing

S - 1  12 Gauge Body - 30 MIN FIRE - 1/4" Door, 1/2" Steel Frame, 10 Bolt System - 450LBS $799 
S - 2  1" Jig-Saw Door - 60 MIN FIRE - 2 Expandable Gaskets, 3/4" Steel Frame - 550LBS  $999 
S - 3  2" Jig-Saw Door - 80 MIN FIRE - Double Relockers, 12 Top & Bottom Bolts - 725LBS $1399 
Sergeant -
Iron-American Series 
60"x27"x28" - 2 HR Fire - 3" Jig-Saw Door, 8-Layer Fire System - SEE IRON AMERICAN PAGE - BEST GUN SAFE IN USA - 1150lbs $2599 

1/4" steel body option - $399 (standard on Iron-American Series)

Patriot Safe SpecialCall us about our "Patriot Gun Safe Special"

Our Patriot Gun Safe Special features a 1/4" steel body, 2" Jig-Saw Doors & 6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard.
Sale Price - $799

No One Beats Our Prices. No One Has Our Quality.

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*Please note. Gun capacity may vary depending on internal configuration and type of rifles or shotguns being stored.

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