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Custom Shelters and Vault Doors
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Do you live in a tornado area or severe weather state?

 The U.S. has more storms in the form of tornadoes that cause loss of life and property damage than any place on earth. Billions in damage is caused by severe weather every year. That's why it makes sense to buy a storm shelter if you live in tornado or hurricane states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota. Don't be caught without a FEMA compliant weather shelter. Sportsman Safes has been producing above ground and in ground storm shelters, safe rooms & security products for 35 years. We also manufacture tornado shelters, hurricane shelters & walk-in safe rooms. Call our storm shelter experts for a quote.

Storm Shelter, Walk-In Vault & Fire Safe

Large vault room storm shelterStorm Door with step system

99% of people who own storm shelters never use them. Sportsman Steel Vaults has designed the first ever 3-in-1 Armory Shelter. When it's not being used as a storm shelter, our vault rooms can be used to secure everything from precious gold to dangerous firearms. And since our shelters are constructed with 2" Step Doors, 3/4" steel frames & Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board. CALL US FOR A QUOTE IN TIME FOR TORNADO SEASON - 800-266-7150

Gallow Tactical Gun Mount
Click Image
Tactical Door Back
Ready-to-Use Tacticals
Click Image
Safe Room Tactical Storage
Metal Ammo Racks
Click Image
Quick Access Door Back
The Best - All Steel Components
Click Image
Fully Configurable

Click on images above to enlarge.

6 Person Shelter
6 Person Shelter

Sale Price - $5499
4 Person Shelter
4 Person Shelter

Sale Price - $4499

Vault Room - Storm Shelter
Vault Room - Storm Shelter
7' x 8' x 8' - $8,995
7' x 8' x 12' - $11,995

Storm Shelter & Vault Room Video
Sportsman Steel Safes - Tornado and Storm Shelter Video

10% OFF All Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms in Stock.

Storm Shelter Doors
Sportsman Shelter Doors are three times
stronger than ordinary shelter doors.

Storm Shelter & Safe Room Door Frame
3/4" Solid Steel Frame - FIRST EVER
Strongest Storm Shelter Frame in USA


American made vault doorsOur Storm Shelters are Built with Quality and Pride in the USA

  • 1" Jig-Saw Door - Interlocks in Frame
  • Concrete Fireproofing -
    4 x more fire resistant than fire board
  • Internal Release - Spring-loaded
  • 14 Bolt Locking System - Independent
  • 3/4" Protector Frame - Shields Bolts
  • 1" Hardplate In Door - Thickest in US
  • 1/4" Steel Reinforcement in Body
  • Black Semi-Gloss Finish
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • Two Relockers - Brass-Arm & Barrel
  • Double Fireproofing In Door
  • Silver or Gold Pin-striping
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock Optional: LG Digital Lock - Quick-Access
  • Body Continuous Welded In & Out
  • Double Expand Gaskets & Bolt Down Kit
  • American Made
  • Inward Swing or Outward Swing Doors
  • Vents with 1/4" Steel Protective "hats" -- Protect Vents From Falling Debris
  • 1" Solid Steel Hinges - Thickest in US
  • Life Time Warranty -- Includes Fire


Safe Room Tactical Interiors
Gallow Tactical Interiors for Safe Room Shelters
The amazing new way to store and organize your weapons.
Gallow Tactical Interiors for Safe Rooms

Pistol & Rifle Storage on Safe Door
Tactical Door Storage - Call For Prices -- Make Your Safe Room Hold More.

Gallow Tactical Interiors Gallery

Utilize Storage Space on Your Safe Room Door and Interior Walls.

Gallow Tactical Gun Mount
Click Image
Rifle & Pistol Storage
Ready-to-Use Tacticals
Click Image
Ready-to-Use Tacticals
Metal Ammo Racks
Click Image
Ammo Racks
The Best - All Steel Components
Click Image
The Best - All Steel Components
Custom Configurations
Click Image
Custom Configurations

Click on images above to enlarge.

Our tactical interiors are an amazing new way to store and organize your weapons. No more hiding guns under beds, closets or in safes with hard to reach access. Display your rifles, ammo, pistols and accessories like gun stores. We also offer hooks to hang bulletproof vests, earmuffs and other gun gear in an efficient, cost effective way.

Call to talk with one of our interior design specialists about a custom tactical interior for you:
800 266 7150

Gallow tactical door back
Tactical Door - 2015 Shot Show


  1. American Made with 33% Thicker Body
  2. 1" Solid Steel in front of Locks & Re-lockers - Five Times Stronger
  3. Fire Insulated Door - 2" Step System Doors Seal on Five Levels
  4. 3/4" Steel Frames - Double the thickness of Competitor's frames
  5. 1/4" & 3/16" Steel Bodies - Commercial Level Construction
  6. 4 Relockers - Our Vaults have Never Been Broken into in over 35 Years

Call for a custom quote - 1-800-266-7150

Gold & Firearm Gun Safe
78" Tall x 83" Wide x 45" Deep

Available NOW - Holds 200 Weapons - $9995

Gold and Firearms Safe

This $15k custom build gun safe was completed in April 2015. This magnificent safe has double steel, 6000 Degree Concrete Fireproofing & a 3"Step System Door. We estimate this fire rating to be well over 2 HR. Due to it's excessive size, we're selling this safe at a super reduced price. Call to order or discuss. It's one-of-a-kind!

Very large safe interiorGun racks in safe
Click on images to enlarge.

Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms
Storm Shelter - 7' x 4' x 6'
90 Min Fireproof - $6999
Safe room storm shelter moving


Custom safe room shelter
Custom Safe Room with Frankie the Factory Mascot

Other Products available: Safe Rooms, Storm Shelters, Panic Rooms,
Walk-In Vaults, Hurricane Shelters, Gun Rooms, Blast Doors, Ballistic Doors,
Tornado Shelters & Bank-level Vaults

Safe Rooms, Storm SheltersFor over 35 years, Sportsman Steel & Pentagon Safes is a name synonymous with impenetrable security. No Vault Door has ever been penetrated. Every Storm Shelter has protected our clients. All Panic Rooms have performed during attack. Every Walk-In Vault has protected customers from fire and theft. And all our Ballistic Doors have shielded our patrons from catastrophes. That's a solid track record. Maybe that's why we have security products at the FBI, DOJ, Secret Service, Homeland Security, ATF, Smithsonian and US Army.

All our Custom Vault Products are American made. Storm Shelters can be constructed in any size, thickness or Hurricane Level. Panic Rooms can be designed with thumb-print biometric or manual "Spin-Dial" locks. Ballistic Doors can be built with nuclear-biological-chemical capabilities or in any Class Five Ratings. And our Vault Rooms can be ordered with Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board.

Call us and one of our Vault Door or Safe Room Experts will educate you and help in picking the door right for your application. 800-266 7150

CALL 1-800-266-7150

Easy-Three Piece Mega Vaults - Easy to Install!
Easy-Three Piece Mega Vaults
7' x 8' x 8' Safe Room - $8995


Easy Shelter Safe Room Installation - Do It Yourself!
Easy Installation Three Piece Mega Vaults
7' x 8' x 8' - Safe Room - 1/4" Steel Body - $9995

Our Walk-In Vaults and Storm Shelters are similar to what the US government uses for their overseas portable security rooms. Each shelter is constructed from three pieces. Once pushed together, you bolt our walk-in vault together using 1/2" bolts every foot. In the floor we provide 10-20 - 1" holes so you can red-head your vault to your concrete foundation. This is required when using our walk-in vault as a hurricane or tornado shelter.

Easy-Three Piece Mega Vaults - Easy to Install - CALL 1-800-266-7150

Custom size vault rooms

Custom Sizes Available -
Plenty of Room for Benches,
Shelving & Cabinets.


storm shelter final inspection
22 Point Quality Control Inspection.

Call us for a quote and we'll explain the easy installation and quote you delivery to your home or business.

Financing Available Call For Quote:
CALL 1-800-266-7150

Mini-Hurricane Shelter - $6999
Storm Shelter Door - Internal Release Handle

Underground Tornado Shelters · Safe Rooms

Underground storm and tornado shelter
A Sportsman Underground Shelter provides peace of mind for you and your family.

Tornado shelter below ground installation Storm shelter above ground installation
Storm Shelters can be configured for underground, basement and above ground installation.
New construction or retrofit, we have a solution.
CALL: 800-266-7150


  • Custom Actuator Arm - Various Lengths Available

  • 1300 - 2000lbs Capacity - Higher Weights Available

  • Electrically - Operated by 110 or 12 Volt Battery

  • Inner and Outer Control Switches Available

  • Internal Release For Panic Room

  • Totally Installed to Vault Door - Ready to Use

World's Biggest Modular Storm Shelter - 8' x 50'
Make as big as you need Shelter - Just Add Modular Pieces

Hurricane & Storm Shelter - 100 Person Capacity

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"...After viewing your Website and speaking with you, I am so impressed. You have an amazing depth of knowledge about safes, safe rooms & vault doors! You have a well-trained, talented staff who are able to turn out incredible products. You crush the competition, no one else comes close! No wonder you have an impressive list of clients." - Eric, Hawaii


NBC Doors for Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

Add a nuclear biological chemical door to you storm shelter - CALL: 800-266-7150


CALL 1-800-266-7150

Custom Wrapped Shelter during Shipping
Safety Shelters Custom Wrapped for Shipping

Easy To Install Modular Storm Shelter Pieces
Easy To Install Modular Storm Shelter Pieces

Easy Out Gun Interiors
Easy Out Safe Room Gun Interiors

Adjustable shelves and pistol holders on doors
100% Adjustable Tracks for Safe Room Shelves

Optional Overhead Lighting and Electrical Outlets
Optional Overhead Shelter Lighting and Electrical Outlets Available.

Custom storm shelter interior.
Create Your Own Custom Shelter Interior.
CALL FOR FREE QUOTE: 800-266-7150

Roman posts
 Roman Posts - 1/4" U-Shaped Reinforcements
Supports Structure from Storms or Tornados
vertical posts
 Vertical 1/4" Posts - Supports Ceiling
For Above & Underground Storm Shelters

Vault room doors
Our Storm Shelter Door is a REAL Vault Door.
5 times Stronger Than an Ordinary Storm Door!


Best price guarantee

We Ship Storm and Safety Shelters All Over the USA - By Flatbed
safe Shipping All Over the USA - By Flatbed
Sportsman Safe Room Shipped with Navy Seal Boat
Sportsman Safe Room Shipped with Navy Seal Boat

Home, Office or
Business Delivery 

 Custom Size Storm Shelters
Call for Quote - 800 266 7150

 American Made shelters -
Bolt-Down Construction

Storm Shelters - 4-6 Person
Mini-Shelter I 6' x 6' x 3' - 3/16" Body - 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped Reinforced $4499
Mini-Shelter 2 6' x 6' x 3' - 1/4" Body - 2" Comp Door, 65 MIN FIREPROOF DOOR $5899
Mini-Shelter 3 7' x 6' x 4' - 3/16" Body - 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped-Reinforced $5499
Mini-Shelter 4 7' x 6' x 4' - 1/4" Body - 2" Comp Door, 65 MIN FIREPROOF DOOR $6999
We Customize Storm Shelters Any Size

Storm Shelters - Seat 8-12 - Price table

Storm Shelter I 7' x 8' x 8' - 3/16" Body, 1" Comp Door, U-Shaped Reinforced $8995
Storm Shelter 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 2" Comp Door, Triple-Tier Steel Door $9995
Storm Shelter 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 3/16" Body, 1" Door, U-Shaped-Reinforced $11,995
Storm Shelter 4 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Door, Triple-Tier Steel Door $13,895
We Customize Storm Shelters Any Size 

Walk-In Vault - Price table
Walk-In Vault I 7' x 8' x 8' - 3/16" Body, 1" Step Door, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board - 60 Minute Fire $16,495
Walk-In Vault 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 1" Step Door, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board - 60 Minute Fire  $18,995
Walk-In Vault 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 3/16" Body, 2" Step Door, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board - 60 Minute Fire $19,995
Walk-In Vault 4 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board - 60 Minute Fire $24,495

Call if you want to increase fire rating estimates to 90 Min or 2 HR -- 800-266-7150

We Customize Walk-In Vault Safe Rooms Any Size --
Call for a Quote - 1-800-266-7150


  • 2" Jig-Saw Door -- 65 Fire Rating
  • Black or Burgundy Semi-Gloss Finish
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel - Gold or Silver
  • Royal Interior - All Walls Carpet
  • Two Relockers - Brass-Arm & Indep.
  • Gold or Silver Pin-stripe
  • Double Fireproofing (Door and Body)
  • Gold or Silver Pin-striping and Hardware
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock & Key - Optional: LG-1 Digital Lock --(American-Quick-Access)
  • 18 Bolt System - Top & Bottom Bolts
  • Double Expand Gaskets & Bolt Down Kit
  • Convertible Interior --(Guns & Shelves - Extra gun rack)
  • Life Time Warranty -- Includes Fire Warranty
Safe Room Interior with Shelves
Quick Internal Release
Safe Room Interior with Shelves
Fully Configurable Interiors

Sportsman Safe Rooms are Not Ordinary Storm Shelters.
They Provide Full Time Protection for All Your Valuables like a Walk In Bank Vault.

Safe Room Interior with Shelves
Modular Safe Room Sections can be Easily Assembled.
Safe Room Interior with Shelves
Customize Your Interior.

jig saw door
2" Jig-Saw Door!

Our Storm Shelters can be ordered with a 2" Jig-Saw Door with a heavy-duty 3/4" steel frame. When shut, the door and body fits together like a jig-saw, giving your shelter one of the most reinforced doors in the country. And because it has a four-point seal, It can be used as a fireproof walk-in vault too.

And remember, your Sportsman Steel storm shelter is made in the USA. Our doors, gaskets, step systems, expandable gaskets, S&G Locks, Cobra relockers and Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board are all American Made.


NEW - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sealing System - It's Airtight!

Our new N.B.C. Compression Seals make your vault room Nuclear, Biological & Chemical resistant. We include N.B.C. seals on your 3" Step System Door and Frame. We also continuously weld every inch of your vault, frame & seams to make your vault door N.B.C. resistant. Continuous welds also run along your internal steel panels and atop your lock hole that connects your external lock to our internal mechanism. We can even include an NBC resistant "lunch pail" over your lock to make your complete locking system NBC resistant! - ONLY $1999 - $2499.

Call to talk to a Vault Expert: 800-266-7150

Nuclear-Biological-Chemical SealNuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal

Sportsman Steel & Pentagon Safes have built custom security products for U.S. corporations and government institutions for over 35 years. We are now able to offer these heavy-duty security products to the public at factory-direct prices. These high end Safe Rooms and Security Shelters have custom "Four-Point Sealing Step-System Doors" that are not usually available to the public at these prices. Take a look at our Storm Shelter, Safe Room and Tornado Shelter information then call us to talk with one of our security experts. -
CALL 1-800-266-7150.

Custom Pin striping for safe room
Custom Pinstripe Available

Walk-in Vault - Hurricane Shelter - Call for Quote - 800 266 7150

Why Sportsman and Pentagon Storm Shelters Are Superior
Below is a comparison between our 1/4" Storm Shelters and our Storm Shelter Competitor's

It's Not Even Close
1/4" Thick Body Thickness -
1" Step Doors - Two Strength Points -
Concrete fireproofing -
4 x more fire resistant than fire board -
Internal Release - Spring-loaded -
14 - 1" Thick Bolts in Door -
3/4" Steel Frame Reinforces Door -
1" Hardplate In Door - Drill Resistant -
5 Prong Spindle Wheel -
Two Relockers in Door - Stops Attacks-
Sargent & Greenleaf Combo Lock -
Continuous Welded In & Out -

3/16" Steel Bodies
3/16" Flat Surface Doors 
No Fire Insulation
Simple Interior Latch
3 Thin Latches
1/4" Frame
No Hardplate
Non-Decorative Handle
No Relockers in Door
Simple Deadbolt Lock
Not specified

- We're 33% Thicker Steel
- Our Doors Seal 4 Times Better
- You Get Fire-Resistant Door Free
- Official Panic Room Close Feature
- Much Stronger Bolt System - 1" Thick Bolts
- Our Frame is Three Times Thicker
- Extra Heavy Duty
- Beautiful Spindle Wheel
- We have a True Security Product
- 10 Times More Secure
- Continuous Welds Body & Seals

The best thing about Sportsman-Pentagon Storm Shelters is that they are DOJ APPROVED SAFES. Storm shelters only get used once or twice in a life time. But our Storm Shelters are like Walk-In Vaults. They can secure your family's belongings year round. Our competitor's Storm Shelters are not security products. A burglar can knock off their lock and break into the door. Not our Storm Shelters! We've never had one broken into EVER. The reasons: 2 re-lockers and a 3/4" STEEL protective frame that makes it nearly impossible to pry.

Our customers include: FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, US Secret Service, Quantico and hundreds of government and police stations all over the USA.

Call for a custom quote - 1-800-266-7150

Made in the USA - 20 Point Inspection
Made in the USA - 20 Point Inspection
Continuous Welds in Seals
Continuous Welds in Seams - Inside & Outside Body


This commercial grade 4-B relocking system is similar to relockers found in $20,000 Vault Doors. Equipped with four 1" thick barrel relockers, this hi-tech backup system is spring-loaded to shoot 4 - 3/4" hardened shafts into female bolt work during attacks! Once the lock is punched, four spring-loaded barrels lock your door in five separate locations. Since the relocking bolts are 5" long, a safecracker would have to drill your door 20 times to defeat this mechanism! It's never been done! -- Sale Price - $299
internal release system
Internal Release
'Easy Exit System'

Custom Safe Room with Rifle and Pistol storage Rifle rack for walk in vault safe room
Customize with Air Filtration Systems · Pistol Holders · Rifle Racks · Interior Lighting


3-In-1 Horse Shoe Interior - All Long Guns or All Shelves
3-In-1 Horse Shoe Interior - All Long Guns or All Shelves
Adjustable & Removable Shelves


Gun Racks, Custom Shelving & Electrical Available

Call For Quote - CALL 1-800-266-7150
storm shelter interiors
Holds up to 300 Long Guns

Emergency lighting systems for safe rooms
Emergency Lighting System
Lights go on when the power goes off.

storm shelter interiors
6 Adjustable Shelves - Removable

Optional overhead lighting

Optional electrical outlet


Fireproof Vent Protector

"Lunch Pail System"

If you fireproof your vault room or storm shelter, add fireproof lunch pails. These fire insulated boxes fit over your air vents when your room's not being used as a storm shelter. We can add two Palusol® expandable gaskets, weather-proof seals or Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seals.
Armory Vault Door Air Vent for Safe RoomFireproof Vent Protecto
Hurricane Shelter Air Vents With Lunch-Pail Locking Doors
Custom shelter ventilation systems
Custom Ventilation
Shelter safe room seal protectors
NEW - Seal Protectors

Inward swing door with fireproof vent
Inward swinging door with fireproof vent.

Call us for a quote 1-800-266-7150


NEW! Stainless Steel Shell - "It's Torch-Resistant!"

Forget about that old adage "You can crack any safe with enough time". With our new Stainless Steel Shell, torching our safe open is close to impossible. Torch-resistant stainless steel is continuously heliarc welded on all six sides of your safe. If a safe cracker tries to use a torch to compromise your safe, the flames will spit right back at him. Construction like this only comes on commercial safes over $10,000. But at Sportsman-Pentagon Safes you get a special factory-direct price. Stainless available - 1/4" - 1/8".

Stainless Steel ShellStainless Steel Shell
Stainless Steel Shell - "It's Torch-Resistant!"
Get a FREE price quote - 800-266-7150

NEW JetBoard™ Fire Insulation
Highest Fire Rating EVER - WATCH VIDEO

Jet Board Fire resistance video link
Click on image above to open new window to view video.

Shelter interior bolt systemShelter interior support

Easy Installation

Call us for a quote and we'll explain the easy installation and quote you delivery to
your home or business.

CALL 1-800-266-7150

Shelter fireproofing    Fireboard and shelter fireproofing system


"Hurricanes and Tornados are some of the only natural disasters
we can protect ourselves against."
- Kevin Hand, Shelter Designer
tornado shelters from Sportsman Safeshurricane shelters from Sportsman Safes

Do You Live in a Tornado, Hurricane or Severe Weather Area?
FEMA Severe Wind Zone and Tornado Alley map

Each year Tornadoes, Hurricanes and other severe weather events cause death and injury and claim billions of dollars in property damage. If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, the heart of "Tornado Alley," you are especially vulnerable to these sudden and severely destructive storm events.

The best way to protect your family and possessions is with a secure storm shelter. Sportsman Safes builds the highest quality American made Tornado and Hurricane Shelters. With plants in three zones we can ship tornado and hurricane shelters to any state.

We ship tornado shelters, storm shelters, hurricane shelters and safe rooms to storm prone states including: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, Minnesota, Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia, Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina. We ship everywhere!

If you live within the hurricane or tornado danger zone you may need a Tornado Shelter or Hurricane Shelter more than you think. Our walk-in vault rooms are protected by 6" concrete walls and double steel 3 1/2" doors that can withstand almost any natural disaster known to man. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, the collapse of your house. Contact one of our Hurricane Door Experts and we'll tell you how to build a FEMA compliant safety room.

Call us to talk with one of our Storm Shelter specialists. 800-266-7150



Safe Rooms & Shelters for Survivalists & Preppers

Survivalist Shelters & Safe Rooms

Survival Shelter Standard Features 

Survival shelter steel frame
3/4" Steel Frame
Protects from Prying
Survivalist Shelter with Roman Posts
1/4" U-Shaped Reinforcements
Supports Structure from Storms or Tornados
Survival shelter with vertical posts
Vertical 1/4" Posts
Supports Ceiling
Survival shelter 3" Jig-Saw Step Door
3" Jig-Saw Step Door
3 Layer Steel 

Survivalist Shelter Standard Options

  • AR-500 Ballistic Steel Shelter BodyAR-500 Ballistic Steel Body & Door - Bullet-Proof (available in 1/4" & 1/2")
  • Steel Box Protecting Lock - Set for Emergency Quick-Access
  • 1/4" U-Shaped Blast Resistors in Walls - Protects Occupants if House Collapses
  • 3/4" Steel Frames - Protects Against Pry-Ins
  • Panic Room Open and Close Features - Auto-Closing Door
  • Open & Shut Rifle Slots - For Return Fire Self-Protection
  • 30-120 Day Food Supply - USA Products
  • Custom Interior for up to 100 Long Guns with Shelves
  • Bolt-Down Feature - Room Doubles as a Storm Shelter
  • Internal Release - With Free Panic Room Feature
  • 18 Bolt Locking System - DOJ Compliant * FEMA Compliant
  • 1" Hardplate in Door - 60 Rockwell Rating - USA Made
  • 1/4" Steel U-Shaped Reinforcements in Body
  • USA Made - 20 Point Inspection on all Rooms
  • 3/4" Steel Frame in Door - Total Anti-Pry Door
  • 4 Barrel Relockers in Door - 1" x 5" solid Steel
  • 100% Adjustable Tracking for Shelves & Gun Racks
  • Lifetime Warranty - On lock and Total Shelter
Ballistic shield room Sportsman Safes

NEW! Ballistic Proof AR-500 Shield

Our Survival Shelters have a ballistic corner that shields occupants from 99% of small arms fire. The interior shield is manufactured from 1/2" AR-500 ballistic steel. Once a Survivalist climbs behind our bullet-resistant shield their probability for survival increases 10 fold. It's the perfect option for colleges, residents and businesses that may come under fire during an attack.


By Sportsman Steel Safe Company & T.C.

Survivalist shelter with gun port from Sportsman Steel SafesFor the Tactical Survival Shelter, Sportsman Steel Safe Company has taken its unique shelter design and custom retrofitted it with accessories and tactical features that are specifically suited for an individual that would like a turn-key survival shelter installed in his home. The shelter also doubles as the ultimate tactical “man-cave,” specifically catering to firearms enthusiasts. If James Bond were to select a ready-to-go safe room for his home, this would be the one.

This pre-fabricated shelter is designed for new home construction, in which it can be placed in the basement (or under the garage floor slab) in the early phase of construction without the normal installation obstacles (such as existing walls, narrow doorway entrances, etc). The shelter will be delivered to an individual’s property with everything pre-assembled, utilizing proper OPSEC during installation.

The interior of the shelter is truly distinguishing and appealing to the eye, while incorporating top of the line accessories and equipment that are ideal for preparedness-oriented individuals. Some of the standard features of the shelter include the following:

The Tactical Survival Shelter

  • Level 3 NIJ Exterior Protection (will stop a 7.62mm/.308 Winchester FMJ rifle round)
  • EMP Protection (including high speed surge protection and faraday protection)
  • Radiation Protection and Blast Shielding
  • An NBC air filtration system
  • A “Laser Shot” Virtual Reality Shooting Simulator package. The Laser Shot projector screen, projector, training weapons, recoil kits, and C02 filling station are all included).
  • A tactical workbench, with gun vise/gun cleaning platform
  • Radiation Monitoring Equipment
  • Comprehensive Interior/Exterior Fire Protection
  • Top-of-the-Line Vault Door Protection
  • Air Ventilation: 4 vents (2 intake, 2 exhaust); air intake fans; carbon monoxide detection
  • Secondary Escape Hatch for emergency shelter exit
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Interior Sound Insulation
  • A comprehensive telephone, radio, and intercom communication system
  • T.V./DVD/Radio entertainment center
  • Static Water Storage (we use a streamlined-design, 250-gallon water barrel with dispenser/spigot; ball valve for drainage, spring-loaded vented cap/sealable gasket for air flow/long-term storage)
  • A Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Food Storage Package
  • Power System: A complete battery backup system with inverter, charge controller, and battery bank (PV panels for external solar charging hookup is optional; additional wiring for use of home electrical systems is optional)
  • Gravity-based Water Filtration Unit (including Fluoride removal)
  • Kitchen/Laundry (counter, sink, cabinets, refrigerator, camp stove, microwave, manual clothing wringer)
  • Folding kitchen counter table (hinged to the wall); folding chairs
  • A vertical bookshelf
  • Murphy Bed: 3 double-wide, detachable bunk beds stacked above each other (which can accommodate 6 adults); other Murphy Bed configurations are available upon request)
  • One portable heater and one portable fan
  • One toolbox (including tools)
  • One commercial chemical toilet (with privacy screen)
  • Gun Ports for shooting/gas/pepper deterrence in the event of external threats
  • Wall mounted and floor mounted gun racks/holders for handguns and long guns
  • A masculine, executive interior utilizing the tones of dark wood, black, white, stone, and chrome


Custom Outfit Your SURVIVAL Shelter 

Survival shelter Food storage systems 
Food storage systems
Survival shelter water tank for Fresh Water Supply
Fresh Water Supply
Chemical toilet for survival shelter
Self contained toilets
Self powered generator
Self powered generator
Nuclear alert system
Nuclear Alert Detector
Air Filtration systems for shelters
Air Filtration Systems


Survival Shelter Safe Room & Panic Room - Basic Prices
Survival Shelter I 7' x 8' x 4' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield -
2 Person Capacity
Survival Shelter 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield -
4 Person Capacity
Survival Shelter 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield -
8 Person Capacity
Survival Shelter 4 7' x 8' x 16' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield -
12 Person Capacity

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We deliver Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Rooms to anywhere in the US.


"Call us for a free quote!"

For Storm Shelter and Safe Room Quote
Call: CALL 1-800-266-7150

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All Sportsman Steel & Pentagon Vault designs belong solely to Sportsman Steel, Inc. and are not subject to replicating for personal fabrication. If you have a company or are an individual who would like to license our designs call our legal team for a licensing agreement - 562-984-5445.