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American made vault doorsBest Gun Safe
Sportsman Crown Series presents the Iron American

After a yearlong evaluation, Sportsman's Safe Experts have determined our Iron American is the best gun safe in the USA. We accomplished this by doubling our competitor's strength and features. Gun safes usually have a single lock, relockers, 10 gauge bodies, flat surface doors and drywall fireproofing, We're literally double everything by using 3" Step System Doors, 6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard, 1/4" Steel Bodies and Dual Locking Systems. Once you've see these safes, you'll agree there's nothing as heavy-duty and fireproof on the market. Our Iron American gun safes are built similar to $10,000-20,000 T.L. rated commercial safes. Please study our Iron American and call us to discuss the perfect gun safe for you. 800-266-7150.

Best gun safe step system door
3" Step Door
No Other Safe Compares!

4 barrel safe relocker from Sportsman Steel Safes
4 Barrel Relocker - 1" Solid Steel
Defender Dual Locks
Defender Dual Locks 
Gun safe jewelry safe combination

What makes The Iron American
"The Best Gun Safe in the USA?"

  1. 1/4" Steel Body Construction - 90% of manufacturers have 1/8" steel bodies. Our 1/4" body is twice as thick! Plus, our steel is American Made and Press-Broken, which means bent. That makes it twice as strong.

  2. Dual-Locks with 5 Re-lockers - Most competitors have one lock with a single relocker. Ours have two security locks with 4 relockers. That's 10 Times the Drill Points as our competitors.

  3. 3" Step Door (Total Thickness 6") - Others have Flat Doors that seal on one level during fires. Our Step Door has steps that seal on five levels! And our 6" thick door hold twice as much fire-proofing.

  4. 8-Layer Fire Systems - Most Manufacturers usually use One or Two Layers of Drywall. Our Iron American Series has 8 layers! 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board, 3 layers of U.L. fire board and a double steel body.

  5. 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board - 99% of manufacturers have drywall for fireproofing.

  6. 5-Point Sealing Step Door - 99% of other Manufacturers doors only seal on one level with Flat Doors. Our "Jig-Saw" doors fit into 3/4" puzzle frames giving them a 5-point seal. Just like a door on a bank vault!

  7. 3/4" Steel Bolt Protectors - Most manufacturers have thin frames that Protect their Bolts. Which makes them Easy to Pry. Our frames are 3/4" thick. Our Iron American Series have never been pried - EVER!

  8. 4 Barrel Relockers - Most relockers are the size of "sugar cubes." Our 4 barrel relockers are 1" x 4" OF SOLID STEEL. That's 20-30 times the relocking strength. Zero drill-outs in 35 years. Not even a Safesmith has drilled open our 4 barrel relockers on repairs without our help. Simply the best!

  9. Double Steel Body - 99% of Gun Safes Have Single Steel Bodies - Our Iron American Series has Double Steel. This acts as a second heat barrier during a fire. It's the way all real T.L. rated bank vaults are constructed.

  10. Double the Weight - Our Iron American Series Weigh Twice Our Competitors! Where a typical 60"x40"x28" gun vault weighs 600lbs, ours weighs over 1200 lbs. Weight is a great indicator of quality.

  11. Hard Plate in Our Doors - There's 1 1/2" Solid Steel in front of the Locks & Relockers.

  12. American Made - Many Others are Made Overseas
Best premium gun safes from Sportsman Steel Safes
Double Wide - 72"x65"x32"
Iron-American Series - $6499

Sportsman Safe Fire Safety Test
Gun Safe - Fire Test
$3,000 Cash In Safe

best gun safe fire resistant jig saw door
With 6" Total Thickness Our Doors Weight
Twice a Competitor's Gun Safe

Compare a Typical Gun Safe Fireproofing to Sportsman Iron American Series

Typical gun safe fireproofingSportsman Safes 2300 degree ceramic fireproofing

safe lock and spindle wheelOur Iron-American is the first gun safe to have a 4" thick fire wall. Even the highest rated gun safes only have 2" thick walls. The Iron American Series are 4" and include 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board INSULATION, MULTIPLE LAYERS OF FIREBOARD & DOUBLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION. This surpasses any fireproof body in the industry. Where many gun safes only have a 5/8" layer of drywall for fire protection, our Iron American has eight times insulation and two layers of steel to contain heat during a fire. It's simply the best. Nothing even comes close.

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Iron American Series Features:

  • 1/4" Steel Body - American Made
  • 3" Jig-Saw Door
  • NEW 4" Thick Firewall Double-Steel
  • 2 HR Fire
  • 8 Layer Fire System - First EVER!
  • 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board
  • Quadruple Fireboard
  • D-Day Double Lock
  • 5 Prong Spindle Wheel
  • Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes
  • 15 Gauge Inner Liner of Steel
  • Gold or Silver Plating
  • 18 Bolt Top & Bottom System
  • All Walls Carpeted
  • 1" Solid 60RW Hardplate
  • 3/4" Thick Bolt Protectors
  • 4 Barrel Re-lockers
  • Double Steel Body
  • Continuous Welds in Body
  • Personal Initials
  • Fire & Lock Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty

best gun safe price guarantee

Informational video

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best gun safe fire resistant jig saw door
3" Jig-Saw Step Door - 3 Layer Steel

Iron-American Series

  • 3" Jig-Saw Step Door - 3 Layer Steel
  • 2 HR FIRE - Five Point Sealing Door
  • 8-Layer Fire System - 4" Fire Wall
  • 5 Layers UL Fireboard
  • 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board
  • Double Steel Body Construction -
    Overall 3/8" Thick Steel
  • 1/4" Outer Steel Body - 15 Gauge Inner Steel
  • Seven Colors - Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes
  • Silver or Gold Plating
  • Vibration Sensory - Optional - Call For Pricing
Best double wide gun safe exterior
NEW - 4" Thick Double Steel Body
Best double wide gun safe interior with pistol holders
NEW - Iron-American - 3" Step Door


NEW! - 4 Barrel Re-Lockers - Most in Industry
4 barrel safe relocker from Sportsman Steel Safes

  • 4 Re-Lockers - 1 1/4" x 5" Solid Steel
  • Spring-Loaded - Totally Independent
  • 5 Drill Points in Door - Most Ever!
  • Multiple Level Re-Lockers - No Drill-Outs in 35 Years
  • Gravity-Resistant - Rack-Style Lock-up
  • American Made System - Custom Drill Points Available

This commercial grade 4-Barrel Relocking System is similar to Re-Lockers found in $20,000 Vault Doors. Equipped with four 1" thick barrel Re-Lockers, this hi-tech backup system is spring-loaded to shoot 4 - 3/4" hardened shafts into female bolt work during attacks! Once the lock is punched, four spring-loaded barrels lock your door in five separate locations. Since the relocking bolts are 5" long, a safecracker would have to drill your door 20 times to defeat this mechanism! It's never been done! Other standard components of our 4-B relocking system: 1" 60 Rockwell hardplate, Shark-Tooth Female-bolt work, Rear-Protector plates and extra long relocker bolts.

Stainless Steel Shell - "It's Torch-Resistant!"
Win a Free Sportsman Steel Safe - Get Safe Quote

Forget about that old adage "You can crack any safe with enough time". With our new Iron American Series Stainless Steel Shell, torching our Iron American Series open is close to impossible. Torch-resistant stainless steel is continuously heliarc welded on all six sides. If a safecracker tries to use a torch to compromise your safe, the flames will spit right back at him. Construction like this only comes on commercial safes over $10,000. But at Sportsman-Pentagon you get a special factory-direct price. Stainless available - 1/4" - 1/8". Call for quote - 800-266-7150

Stainless steel gun safe interior is torch resistant           Torch resistant stainless steel gun safe interior
Stainless Steel Shell - "It's Torch-Resistant!"


Safe in Safe option



1/4" Steel Body
add $450


Large gun safe interior gun racks
Room to store all your
guns and valuables.
Gun safe interior pistol holders gun racks
Custom Interior Available
Anyway You Want It - Free of Charge

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Kevin Hand - Gun safe and vault door expert
"Learn About The Secrets Of Buying a Quality Gun Safe"
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Sportsman's Iron-American Series Features

The FBI purchased their gun safes from us and entrusted their top secret documents to our Dual Locking Technology. This locking device is cutting edge with Spy-Proof S&G Combination lock and LA GARD Day Lock System that allows split second accessibility. If you want quick access, this is the system for you.

three inch jig saw safe doorOur 1/4" Steel Body are the thickest in the industry and come equipped with the only 3" Jig-Saw door and Double Expandable Gaskets.


The IRON-AMERICAN SERIES come with a Five-Prong Spindle Wheel to open your door with bank-like ease. They are also removable to prevent entry if you door is ever forcibly attacked.


The 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide Fire Board has surpassed any fireproofing in the industry. 99% of all gun safe just have cheap drywall for fireproofing.

Five inch thick double steel safe firewall


All Iron-American Series™ models are painted with Semi-Gloss Deluxe Finishes.


All Sportsman Steel gun safes have bent-formed steel edges where possible. This type of steel construction makes your gun safe a more solid unit to slow down attacks. Most gun safes are constructed with welded corners, a weak inexpensive construction method.


Our 18 Bolt Top & Bottom Locking System is an independent bolt system. If one bolt is punched in all the rest will not follow. It makes it nearly impossible for any man-made device to pry open our gun safes. You can be assured all your secured firearms have the finest protection.


Double gold flourishing highlights your finish in class and showcases our famous "Bucking Bronco" or "Sportsman" Logo.


All our Iron American Series are equipped with additional hardplate welded in front of the locks to deter drilling. We've never had one of our doors drilled open in 34 years!


Typical gun safes have flat doors with one sealing point. Your Iron-American has a 3" Step Door with five sealing points. That means that during a fire your step door will seal up on five points; where the step on the door meets the step on the body. This is exactly how a bank vault door seals. It's free when you buy an Iron-American.


When an ordinary safe is pried, the pressure is focused in one location, where the door meets the frame. Our step doors have double strength points. This reduces the probability your door being pried. No Iron American has ever been defeated. No pry outs, drill outs or losses due to fire EVER!


Our Iron-American Series gun safes have DUAL LOCKING SYSTEMS with three re-lockers. It's the only locking system that buys you time from a professional attack.

Premium large capacity gun safes
28 gun easy out

Double Door Double Wide Gun Safe Iron American Series
Iron-American Series
Double Door
The Frontier gun safe
The Frontier
The Arsenal  gun safe
The Arsenal
Special Forces gun safe
Special Forces
The Sarge Series Gun Safe
The Sarge


60"x27"x28" 2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 1150 lbs - 2-8 Long Guns w/Shelves $2599
60"x35"x32" 2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 1410 lbs - 6-15 Long Guns w/Shelves $3399
60"x44"x32" 2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 1750 lbs - 10-25 Long Guns w/Shelves $4499
72"x50"x32" 2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 2050 lbs - 10-32 Long Guns w/Shelves $5499
72"x65"x32" 2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 2550 lbs - 10-60 Long Guns w/Shelves $6499
Double Door
2 HR Fire - 8-Layer Fire System - 2900 lbs - 10-60 Long Guns w/Shelves $7499

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Sarge Anniversary Series Safe Special Forces Gun Safe Large gun safe Double Wide Double Door safe
60"x25"x22" 90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 600 lbs - 2-8 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $1599
60"x32"x28" 90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 900 lbs - 6-15 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $1899
60"x40"x28" 90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 1100lbs - 10-25 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $2399
72"x46"x28" 90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 1300 lbs - 10-32 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $2999
72"x60"x28" 90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 1700 lbs - 10-60 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $3999
Double Door
90 Min Fire - 2" Step Door - 2000 lbs - 10-60 Long Guns w/Shelves -- FREE SHIPPING $4999

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