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Our Customers: FBI, CIA, Secret Service & Homeland Security

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Sportsman Steel Safe's History

In 1978, Fred Hand, a AAA skeet shooter & avid sportsman, founded Sportsman Steel Safes with one goal: build the best gun safe in the USA. And he did! Where gun safes had 1/8" steel bodies, Fred designed thick 1/4" steel bodies with massive 1/2" thick doors. At the time, his vision of selling heavy-duty safes at factory-direct prices was revolutionary! Soon our reputation as the best deal in town grew. Soon there was a multi-month waiting list to get one of our products.

In 1991, Kevin Hand, Fred's son, graduated from college and began working at the company. It wasn't long before he took the company to the next level. Kevin introduced our 6000 Degree Concrete Fire System and designed the highest grade gun safe ever built: our beloved Crown Series. In 2001, Kevin left Sportsman Safe and founded Pentagon Safes. His manufacturing philosophy was simple: Build a commercial level safe and do it factory-direct to keep prices affordable for all Americans. Soon Pentagon was revolutionizing the gun safe & vault door industry! It was then that Kevin and his design crew invented the first ever "4 Barrel Relocking System" and "5-Point Sealing Jig-Saw Door." Wanting to keep the family business together, Kevin brought Pentagon's technology back to Sportsman Steel Safes to form the most advanced safe & vault door manufacturing plant in the USA.

Today, we build over 15 security products including Gun Safes, Vault Doors, Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Vault Doors, Blast Doors, Modular Vault Rooms, Storm Shelters & TL Jewelry Safes with Seismic Motion Detectors. Our client list includes the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Quantico, The Smithsonian, DEA, AFT, Marines, Army, Navy, "The Price is Right" & 100s of police stations around the country. Sportsman Steel & Pentagon are currently designing our first Electromagnetic-Pulse Doors (EMP) & Radiation Door. All our products come with a limited life time warranty and can be ordered with attempted-break-in warranties for a nominal fee.

Call our safe headquarters and one of our vault experts will assist you in figuring out which product best suits your needs.

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Kevin Hand, Vice President and VD Designer Sportsman and Pentagon Safes

"True innovation isn't about making the best vault. It's about making the best vault at a price everyone can afford"

Kevin Hand
CO-CEO Sportsman-Pentagon Vaults

Kevin Hand, Vice President Sportsman Steel and Pentagon Safes
State of the art Storm Shelters
and Safe Rooms
Kevin Hand CO-CEO Sportsman Steel Safes
Long Beach Headquarters -
Vault Design Lab
Kevin Hand, CO-CEO
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It Takes a Great Team to Make a Great Product.

35 Years in Business - 3 Generations of Sportsmen.
Chris Cude, CFO & Project Manager
Chris Cude, CFO & Project Manager
Vault Door & Gun Safe Expert
Ernie Von Epp - Former Marine, Paratrooper
Vault Door & Gun Safe Expert

Nuclear Door - 4200lbs
15" Quadruple Steel Step Door
Ernie Von Epp with Lee Emory at Shot Show
Ernie Von Epp with Lee Emory
at Shot Show
Vault Door inspection program
USA Made Vault Doors
20 Point Inspection Program
Welders Specialized in All Metals
Welders Specialized in All Metals
Jewelry Safe
American Made Jewelry Safes 
Jewelry trays
Custom Design Department
Fernando Raphael - Customer Relations Sportsman Steel Safes
Fernando Raphael
Customer Service & Relations
David Epstein, Master Cabinet Maker
David Epstein
Master Cabinet Maker
Marcus Rittig, Jewelry Interior & Tray Designer
Marcus Rittig
Jewelry Interior & Tray Designer
Jewelry tray
Elegant Jewelry Safe Interiors



Come visit us at one of our three plants.
Safes and vault doors being prepared for shipping
Vault Doors and Safes in final inspection and shipping area.
Sportsman Steel Safes Manufacturing Plant
Visit Our Long Beach Plant and Showroom!
6311 N. Paramount Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90805

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Sportsman Steel Safes - Houston Store
Houston, Texas - Gun Safe Manufacturing Plant & Showroom - Open to Public!
2219 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77018, just off the 610 Freeway.

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North Carolina Gun Safe Facility - Open to Public!
1019 Old Charlotte Road, Albemarle, North Carolina, 28001

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Our Clients: FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service,
The Smithsonian, DEA, ATF, Quantico & 100's of U.S. Police Departments.

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