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Survivalist Shelters For Catastrophes

Survivalist Shelters & Safe Rooms

Survival Shelter Standard Features 

Survival shelter steel frame
3/4" Steel Frame
Protects from Prying
Survivalist Shelter with Roman Posts
1/4" U-Shaped Reinforcements
Supports Structure from Storms or Tornados
Survival shelter with vertical posts
Vertical 1/4" Posts
Supports Ceiling
Survival shelter 3" Jig-Saw Step Door
3" Jig-Saw Step Door
3 Layer Steel 

Survivalist Shelter Standard Options

  • AR-500 Ballistic Steel Shelter Body1/4" AR-500 Ballistic Steel Body & Door - Bullet-Proof (available in 1/2")
  • Steel Box Protecting Lock - Quick-Access
  • U-Shaped Blast Resistors in Walls - Protects Occupants if House Collapses
  • 3/4" Steel Frames - Protects Against Pry-Ins
  • Panic Room Handle - Internal Release
  • Rifle Slots - Return Fire Self-Protection
  • 30-120 Day Food Supply - USA Products
  • Custom Interior - 100 Long Guns with Shelves
  • Bolt-Down Feature - Doubles as a Storm Shelter
  • 18 Door Bolts - DOJ & FEMA Compliant
  • 1" Hardplate in Door - 60 Rockwell Rating
  • USA Made - 20 Point Inspection on all Rooms
  • 3/4" Steel Frame in Door - Anti-Pry Feature
  • 4 Relockers in Door - 1" x 5" solid Steel
  • 100% Adjustable Tracking - Shelves & Gun Racks
  • LIfeTime Warranty - On lock and Shelter


Survival Shelter - Options Available
Call for Pricing

  • 1/2" AR-500 Ballistic Booth In Shelter - Stops 99% of Rounds
  • EMP Protection - Faraday Protection
  • Radiation & Blast Protection
  • Nuclear Biological Chemical Seals & Air Filtration system
  • Tactical Workbench - Work Table & Gun Cleaning Platform
  • Gallow Gun Interior - 2HR Fireproofing
  • Air Ventilation - 2 Intake, 2 Exhaust - Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Escape Hatch for Emergency Exit
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Telephone, Radio & Intercom Communication
  • T.V./DVD/Radio Center
  • Static Water Storage - 250 - Gallon Barrel
  • Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Food Storage
  • Power System: Battery Backup system with Inverter
  • Charge Controller, Battery Bank - (PV Panels for Solar Charging)
  • Counter, Sink, cabinets, Refrigerator, Microwave
  • Murphy Bed: 3 double-Wide - Accommodates 6 Adults
  • Portable Heater W/ Portable Fan
  • Wall & Floor Mounted Gun Racks - Pistol Hanger
  • Executive Interior - Dark Wood, Black or Stone
Ballistic shield room Sportsman Safes

NEW! Ballistic Proof AR-500 Shield

Our Survival Shelters have a ballistic corner that shields occupants from 99% of small arms fire. The interior shield is manufactured from 1/2" AR-500 ballistic steel. Once a Survivalist climbs behind our bullet-resistant shield their probability for survival increases 10 fold. It's the perfect option for colleges, residents and businesses that may come under fire during an attack.


By Sportsman Steel Safe Company & T.C.

Survivalist shelter with gun port from Sportsman Steel SafesFor the Tactical Survival Shelter, Sportsman Steel Safe Company has taken its unique shelter design and custom retrofitted it with accessories and tactical features that are specifically suited for an individual that would like a turn-key survival shelter installed in his home. The shelter also doubles as the ultimate tactical “man-cave,” specifically catering to firearms enthusiasts. If James Bond were to select a ready-to-go safe room for his home, this would be the one.

This pre-fabricated shelter is designed for new home construction, in which it can be placed in the basement (or under the garage floor slab) in the early phase of construction without the normal installation obstacles (such as existing walls, narrow doorway entrances, etc). The shelter will be delivered to an individual’s property with everything pre-assembled, utilizing proper OPSEC during installation.

The interior of the shelter is truly distinguishing and appealing to the eye, while incorporating top of the line accessories and equipment that are ideal for preparedness-oriented individuals. Some of the standard features of the shelter include the following:

Survivalist safe room and shelter
Mega Safe Room 20 to 30 Person Capacity

Safe Room internal release system
Internal Release
'Easy Exit System'

Safe Room N. B. C. Sealing System - It's Airtight!
Safe Room Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal

Our new N.B.C. Compression Seals make your Safe Room Shelter - Nuclear, Biological & Chemical resistant. We include N.B.C. seals on your 3" Step System Door and Frame. We also continuously weld every inch of your vault, frame & seams to make your vault door N.B.C. resistant. Continuous welds also run along your internal steel panels and atop your lock hole that connects your external lock to our internal mechanism. We can even include an NBC resistant "lunch pail" over your lock to make your complete locking system NBC resistant! - ONLY $1999 - $2499.

Talk to a Safe Room Expert: 800-266-7150


We Ship Our American Made Safety Shelters All Over the USA - By Flatbed

Safe Room Delivery via truck
Safe Room Delivery to Home, Office or Business
Custom size survival shelters
Custom Size Survival Shelters
Call for Quote - 800 266 7150
Safe Rooms with bolt down construction
American Made Safe Rooms
with Bolt-Down Construction

American Made Survival Shelters and Safe Rooms
Modular Survival Shelter Rooms
Modular Construction for Easy Assembly
Modular Safe Room Shelter Assembly

Standard Safe Room Configurations Can Accommodate 2 to 12 Persons.
6 Person Shelter 4 Person Shelter

Custom Survival Shelters Available - CALL 800-266-7150

Safe Room and Survival Shelter final inspection
Sportsman Safe Room & Panic Rooms undergo a 22 Point Quality Inspection Prior to Shipping



  • Custom Actuator Arm - Various Lengths Available

  • 1300 - 2000lbs Capacity - Higher Weights Available

  • Electrically - Operated by 110 or 12 Volt Battery

  • Inner and Outer Control Switches Available

  • Internal Release For Panic Room

  • Totally Installed to Vault Door - Ready to Use
Hydraulic Safe Room Hatch Door  
Manipulation-Proof Lock BoxManipulation-Proof Lock Box
Steel Box Protecting Lock - Set for Emergency Quick-Access

Custom safe room and survivalist shelter interiors
Custom Design Your Shelter Interior. Fully Configurable to Your Specific Requirements.


Custom Outfit Your Shelter 

Survival shelter Food storage systems 
Food storage systems
Survival shelter water tank for Fresh Water Supply 
Fresh Water Supply
Chemical toilet for survival shelter
Self contained toilets
Self powered generator
Self powered generator
Nuclear alert system
Nuclear Alert Detector
Air Filtration systems for shelters
Air Filtration Systems 


Safe Room & Panic Room - Basic Prices
Survival Shelter I 7' x 8' x 4' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield - 2 Person Capacity $8995
Survival Shelter 2 7' x 8' x 8' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield - 4 Person Capacity $15,995
Survival Shelter 3 7' x 8' x 12' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield - 8 Person Capacity $22,995
Survival Shelter 4 7' x 8' x 16' - 1/4" Body, 2" Step Door, Ballistic Proof AR-500 Interior Shield - 12 Person Capacity $32,895
We Customize Survival Shelters Any Size
Call for More Information and Free Quote - 800-266-7150

Our Clients: FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service,
The Smithsonian, DEA, ATF, Quantico & 100's of U.S. Police Departments.

Call us with any questions about building any type of survival shelter. (800) 266-7150


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All Sportsman Steel & Pentagon Vault designs belong solely to Sportsman Steel, Inc. and are not subject to replicating for personal fabrication. If you have a company or are an individual who would like to license our designs call our legal team for a licensing agreement - 562-984-5445.