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fireproof gun safesThe NEW 2" Jig-Saw Door!

Our Jig-Saw Doors are 2" thick and constructed with heavy-duty Step-Systems on the door and frame. When shut, the door and body fits together like a jig-saw, giving your gun safe and vault door a four point seal. Our Jig-Saw Doors are the most airtight doors in the gun safe and vault door industry!

Remember, Sportsman Steel offers American made gun safes. Our steel doors, expandable gaskets, 2" Step-System doors, S & G Locks & Cobra relockers.

2" and 1" Jig-Saw Door
Options Available

gun safe fire proofingJig-Saw Doors have two expandable gaskets! This is important, because during a fire our competitor's gasket only seal on ONE POINT. This allows hot air in your gun safe. Not a Jig-Saw Door. Two Palusol® Expandable gaskets seal your safe on FOUR POINTS; where the door fits into the frame.

This is the kind of COMMITMENT to quality that keeps Sportsman Steel Safes regarded the best gun safe in the industry.

Misconceptions About Fire Protection

Double Wall Safe Trap
Other companies sell double wall safes at astronomical prices ($150 up to $300). They consist of drywall and felt, which is only $6.00 worth of materials.

4-Wall Fire Board Trap
These safes are only equipped with two layers of treated drywall. The material in these safes is $30.00 tops, yet they sell for $399.95.

Concrete fireproofing -
4 x more fire resistant than fire board

is the very best
and at factory direct prices!


Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board

1/2" treated fire board is the second insulator. Fire boards adds weight sand acts as a great back-up system for extra hot fires.

DOUBLE STEEL (optional)
$149.00 - $199.00 (Call Us)
Double steel construction is imperative for keeping safe at lower temperatures. The inner layer of steel contains the heat and makes for a longer lasting heat protector. The double steel also makes your safe more burglar-proof because the two layers of reinforced steel.

To seal hot air out, all PYRO™ Fire Safe doors are lined with 1/16" fire gasket.

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6000 Degree Magnesium Fireboard
Palusol expandable gasket

Concrete Fireproofing

  • Concrete fireproofing - 4 x more fire resistant than fire board

  • 2 Layers of UL 5/8" fire liner
    on six sides of safe & door

  • 2 Palusol® Expandable Door Gaskets that expand to seven times their original size
  • 2" Jig-Saw Step System Door -
    4-Point Seal - Like a commercial-grade safe

Our FIRE WARRANTY is on fire. If any Sportsman Steel or Pentagon Safe is caught in a fire, we'll give you a free replacement safe! In 35 years we've only had one step door safe lost to fire. Video stating otherwise is being changed.

Custom Fire Ratings Available. Our step-system safes can be made in any fire rating. All we need to do is thicken your Step-System Door, add more insulation and increase your doors contact points. Fire Ratings are based on information available in fire safe industry.


Double Steel Fire Insulated Door

Most gun safe manufacturers use a piece of $1.00 drywall for their fireproofing, then charge $300.00! - Don't be Scammed!!!

Sportsman's Airtight Double Gasket System


Our Palusol® Gaskets expand with heat up to 7 times its original size to seal the door.



Benefits of our Palusol® Gasket System

  • Expands faster at lower temperatures than other fire seals. Faster reaction time means
    less smoke and fire damage.
  • Removes heat by evaporating water, thus producing a cooling effect.
  • Resistant to fire up to 120 minutes.
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic.


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*Fire time estimates are based on existing tests done in the fire industry and information we've received from fireproof experts, fire resistance research and in-house testing on our fire gaskets. These fire estimates are also based on vault doors being installed in vault rooms with approximately 10" thick concrete wall.

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