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Our Customers: FBI, CIA, Secret Service & Homeland Security

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Texas Tech Tested LogoStorm Shelter Doors & Tornado Doors
Oklahoma Storm Shelter Plant Opening 2015

Specializing in Storm Shelters & Storm Doors in Oklahoma, Tennessee & Arkansas

Inward swinging steel storm shelter doorLooking for a strong door for your Storm Shelter or Tornado Shelter?

Our heavy-duty storm doors are custom made to fit any shelter in the USA. They are twice as strong as FEMA compliant storm doors and can be built to any size. The internal release on our storm doors allows you to utilize your storm shelter as a panic room. Simply dial your combo, enter the room and shut the door. Our Storm Shelter door will automatically lock on the outside, protecting you and your family from intruders and oncoming storms. And here is the best thing about our storm shelter doors: They're security products! Unlike regular storm shelters, our doors are constructed with thick steel with relocking devices. That means you can secure jewelry, weapons, cash and other belongings in your storm room.

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Inward swinging steel shelter door
Inward or Outward Swinging Doors Available.
Large inward swinging vault door for storm shelter
Shelter Door Frames made to
fit your opening
Safe Room internal release system
Internal Release
'Easy Exit System'

Tankhead storm shelter doorVery large steel storm shelter door
No Storm Shelter Door Defeated or Lost to Fire in 35 Years.


Need more than a shelter door?
We offer complete storm shelter, safe room solutions.

American Made Survival Shelters and Safe Rooms
Modular Survival Shelter Rooms
Modular Construction for Easy Assembly
Modular Safe Room Shelter Assembly
Inward or Outward Swinging Doors Available.

Survivalist safe room and shelter
Mega Safe Room 20 to 30 Person Capacity

We Ship Our American Made Safety Shelters All Over the USA - By Flatbed

Safe Room Delivery via truck
Safe Room Delivery to Home, Office or Business
Custom size survival shelters
Custom Size Survival Shelters
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Safe Rooms with bolt down construction
American Made Safe Rooms
with Bolt-Down Construction

Standard Safe Room Configurations Can Accommodate 2 to 12 Persons.
6 Person Shelter 4 Person Shelter

Custom Survival Shelters Available - CALL 800-266-7150

Safe Room and Survival Shelter final inspection
Sportsman Shelters and Safe Rooms undergo a 22 Point Quality Inspection Prior to Shipping


  • Custom Actuator Arm - Various Lengths Available

  • 1300 - 2000lbs Capacity - Higher Weights Available

  • Electrically - Operated by 110 or 12 Volt Battery

  • Inner and Outer Control Switches Available

  • Internal Release For Panic Room

  • Totally Installed to Vault Door - Ready to Use
Hydraulic Safe Room Hatch Door  
Manipulation-Proof Lock BoxManipulation-Proof Lock Box
Steel Box Protecting Lock - Set for Emergency Quick-Access

Custom safe room and survivalist shelter interiors
Custom Design Your Shelter Interior. Fully Configurable to Your Specific Requirements.
We Ship Vault Doors Everywhere - Tax Free Most States
We Ship Vault Doors Everywhere - Tax Free Most States


Our Clients: FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service,
The Smithsonian, DEA, ATF, Quantico & 100's of U.S. Police Departments.

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All Sportsman Steel & Pentagon vault door designs belong solely to Sportsman Steel, Inc. and are not subject to replicating for personal fabrication. If you have a company or are an individual who would like to license our designs call our legal team for a licensing agreement - 562-984-5445.