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Tornado and Severe Weather Safe Room Shelters

Tornado and Severe Weather Safe Room Shelters Provide Critical Protection

Spring is traditionally the beginning of severe weather and tornado season, and this year is no exception. 2015 has been especially hard on folks living in tornado alley and other locations prone to severe weather events like tornadoes.

Even if you don’t live in tornado country you may still be susceptible to severe weather damage. High winds caused by thunderstorms and hurricanes can cause major property damage and bodily harm, or even loss of life. You should always protect your family and possessions by seeking shelter any time severe weather is in your area.

Ideally most communities should have local shelters to protect their citizens, but that may not always be the case. Many communities are adding new shelters for the public general welfare. A good example of a community shelter is the new severe-weather safe room next to the fire station in Fultondale, AL. The concrete building can accommodate up to 300 people and is designed to withstand wind speeds of 250 miles per hour in up to three-second gusts.

This is a great example of a community coming together to protect its citizens, however, not all communities have the funds for such projects and many people may find themselves at home when severe weather strikes. You may only have moments to seek shelter. The best way to protect your family and property is by having your own tornado shelter – safe room.

Safe Rooms Provide Your Best Defense in Severe Weather

shelterWhether for your home or business your safe room shelter needs to meet FEMA standards. The guidelines are very comprehensive, but the bottom line is your shelter needs to be firmly adhered to the foundation and constructed in such a way as to protect the occupants during severe weather events like a tornado. Safe Rooms can be located in your home or built externally, but should not be more than 150 feet from your main living area.

There are several solutions to creating the best safe room shelter for your situation. A pre-made shelter designed to meet FEMA standards for tornado or sever weather events is a good choice. The shelter is designed to withstand the strong forces it may encounter, and if properly installed will provide solid security for you and your family. Another option is to build your own reinforced shelter and add a high quality vault door for ultimate strength. To decide which option is best for you it is always best to consult with a professional. Sportsman has been building both Safe Room Storm Shelters and Vault Doors for Shelters for over 36 years. You are invited to call for more information about the best safe room, storm shelter solution for you or your business.

The Best Gun Safe Manufacturer Offers Safes of All Sorts

When many people think of the word “safe,” they think of guns, cash, jewelry and other valuable articles.  At Sportsman and Pentagon Steel Safes, we manufacture and sell safes that protect these as well as other things.

gun safe lock picture

The core of our business is our gun safes, but we also have safes built to protect you!

That’s right.  Unlike other gun safe manufacturers, we look at the word “safe” in broader terms.  It’s important to protect your possessions, but it’s also important to protect yourself – the owner of those possessions.

To have the most secure form of protection, you need to protect your assets as well as your physical self.  Today, we’re going to explore how you can protect both with the high quality, impenetrable safes from Sportsman and Pentagon Steel Safes.

Protect Your Assets: Guns, Money, Precious Metals, Jewelry … even Wine!

Your assets provide you and your family with protection, wealth, security and satisfaction (a good aged bottle of wine, anyone?).  Therefore, in order to protect the well being of you and your family, you must protect your assets. Your assets come in many forms, in addition to guns that offer valuable protection and sport.  That’s why we offer the following in addition to our gun safes…

  • Jewelry Safes: Jewelry is precious.  Not just for personal satisfaction and enjoyment, but for financial reasons as well.  Because jewelry is made from precious metals, it preserves its wealth more than cash.  Therefore, protecting jewelry is imperative for personal reasons as well as financial ones.  To secure your jewelry in a fashionable manner, we offer doors of various colors including red, green and black.  All jewelry safes come with custom-built wooden shelves and are protected with drill-proof and fireproof steel.
  • Wine Cellar Doors: If you’re a wine collector, you know how valuable wine is.  Sometimes, a single bottle can be worth as much as an exquisite piece of jewelry.  With our wine cellar doors, you can protect your collection from criminal activity as well as harmful temperatures.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Now that your possessions are safe, it’s time to protect yourself … from criminal activity, harmful weather conditions, even terrorist threats.  With our variety of human protection safes, you’ll always have a place to protect you and your family from dangerous circumstances.

  • Safe rooms: These are built to protect you from everything!  They can be used as storm shelters, panic rooms, tornado shelters and even bank-level vaults and gun rooms.  With our custom options, you can get them as large or small as you want.  Protect your family or even your whole neighborhood!
  • Vault Doors – Our vault doors have an extraordinary track record. No break-ins, pry-ins or losses to fire ever. They’re American Made which means our steel is harder, our locks more reliable and our relockers are tested here at the factory before being shipped to customers. And the fireproof material isn’t just drywall. Our fire system is a combination of fireboard, 2300 Degree Ceramic and expandable gaskets. If you have a vault door opening that requires a custom vault door, please contact our vault door experts and we’ll give you a price with shipping direct to your home.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these valuable sources of protection for you and your assets, contact us online or call 800-266-7150.