Keep Your Home Protection Guns Legal with a Small Gun Safe: California’s AB 231 and AB 500 Gun Laws

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Regardless about where you stand on gun laws, there’s a reality we all have to face as gun owners living in the state of California: the state is passing a series of laws that require you to store your guns in a safe.  These laws mainly apply to gun owners living with children and anyone else without a gun license.

One gun bill signed into law, AB 231, is an extension of the existing law that makes parents liable for actions of their children when they stray from home with a gun.  With AB 231, children no longer have to gain access to guns for a parent to be held liable.  Under the new law, if a gun is in any place that’s accessible to children, the parent who owns the gun is breaking the law.  Essentially, you’re breaking the law even if your child doesn’t touch the gun that’s in an “accessible” location.

This bill does not require you to buy a gun safe.  It’s primarily a warning that says “Keep your gun out of your children’s reach, or else.”  Bill AB 500, on the other hand, DOES require you to buy a gun safe.

According to’ Overview of 2013 California Gun Legislation, “AB 500 requires any gun owner residing with a person who is prohibited from owning firearms under state or federal law to either: 1) keep the firearm within a locked container, locked gun safe, locked trunk, locked with a locking device, or disabled by a firearm safety device; or 2) carry the firearm on his or her person.”

Note: Bill AB 231 and AB 500 take effect early 2014.

These bills, specifically AB 500, give California gun owners living with children or “prohibited” people a choice: buy a gun safe or something else like a locked trunk or container.

The reason we suggest you buy a small gun safe is because small gun safes are best for home protection.  Most likely, if you’re a hunter or gun collector, you already have a safe in your basement or elsewhere for your guns.  But what you probably don’t have is a small gun safe to store the guns you use to protect your family – shotguns, handguns, etc.  These guns are most likely located in your bedroom or a closet.  They give you peace of mind and allow you to protect your family.

With a small gun safe from Sportsman Steel Safes, you can keep your home protection guns legal in a safe, stylish and easily accessible way.  Our state-of-the-art safes are built from the finest materials and impenetrable to date.

Even if you don’t agree with the new bills, it’s important to keep yourself out of legal trouble.  Dealing with unnecessary legality issues due to disagreement is just a waste of time.  As a respectable and responsible gun owner, you know better.  Therefore, try looking at the positives of buying a gun safe.

With one of our small gun safes, your home protection guns will always be secure when you’re not at home.  If you ever worried about burglars stealing your guns in the past, that worry is no longer an issue.  The gun safes from Sportsman Steel Safes have a 33-year track record of never being drilled open, defeated, or penetrated.  Plus, if you’re worried about accessibility issues, our gun safes quickly open and readily present your guns. Protecting your home and family at a moment’s notice will never be a problem.

If you have any questions about our small gun safes, please contact us online or call 800-266-7150.

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