Best Gun Safe Reviews

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Thanks for viewing Sportsman’s Best Gun Safe review. Buying the best gun for the money can be confusing. Here’s a checklist so you make the right decision.

1) 2″ Step Doors – If you want a safe built like a bank vault, make sure you get a step system door. These Jig-Saw-looking doors fit into the frame like a puzzle, creating multiple strength points & sealing points. 99% of gun safes have flat doors that only seal one sealing point.

2) Concrete Fireproofing – Believe it or not, most gun safes have fireproofing consisting of drywall or cheap ceramic blanket. Sportsman has a Magnesium Oxide Concrete that is 4 x more fire resistant than drywall.

3) Pry-Resistance Frame. When criminals attempt to break into gun safes, 75% of them try to pry the safe door open. This is why gun safes must have thick frames in front of the bolt system. Gun safe frames that get compromised by pry-ins are usually constructed with 1/8″ thick steel. Make sure you buy a gun safe with at least 3/8″ – 3/4″ Steel frames. Sportsman’s Anniversary gun safes have 3/4″ pry-resistant steel frames.

4) U.S. Locks – Many gun safes have overseas made locks that can be opened with over-rider keys. These locks are poorly manufactured and have combos that can be by-passed with a key. This is not good because first year locksmiths can pick these locks relatively easy. In short, buy a U.L. Sargent & Greenleaf Group I or Group II lock or commercial grade Kaba Mas digital lock. Sportsman offers a commercial grade K.M. digital lock for $249.

5) FACTORY-DIRECT – This sounds cliché, but buying a gun safe from a safe dealer will cost you 30%-50% more than buying that same safe factory-direct. Sportsman has factory-direct plants/stores throughout the USA.

If you want to talk to a gun safe expert at Sportsman Steel Safes, call us direct – 800 266-7150. Please visit our website to see our new 2016 – 2″ Step Doors with Concrete Fireproofing –

Thanks for viewing our Best Gun Safe Reviews!
– Kevin Hand CEO Sportsman Steel Safes


2 thoughts on “Best Gun Safe Reviews

  1. albertgoldberg

    Well I am very much crazy about guns and have to big guns around 7mm which weighs 140g.I am looking for a perfect gun safes in which my guns could easily get fit.These tips will really going to help me out. I will definitely look into these products.My friend suggested me about hotels safes so I am researching on that too.

  2. Kairi Gainsborough

    Thanks for the guide on what to look for when I pick out a gun safe. I never knew that a step door adds so much security. I can see how multiple sealing points would strengthen the overall design. I’ll be sure to look for this style.


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