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Handing Down Your Gun Safe to Your Children

A safe is a very good investment. It’s a durable good with few moving parts. It won’t go out of style or fashion. Everyone has a use for a safe.  Once you have a safe, you have a safe for life. Actually your safe will probably be around after you are gone. Other than your home, I can’t think of any other item that you are likely to will to your children besides a safe, guns or precious metals that will retain their value and require virtually zero maintenance.

Since we are talking the long term I would highly suggest a dehumidifier. There are rod style electric heaters and rechargeable pellet styles heaters available. Most are good and affordable. This will keep your guns and valuables from rusting out.

Besides guns you will want to store your irreplaceable heirlooms in your safe as well. This will insure that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a physical piece of their family history that is protected from fire. What a great way to be remembered, a big, heavy, secure safe.

So be sure to not size your safe for what you have now. Size it to hold everything that you may want to give to them as an inheritance. A conservative, neutral finish like matte black may be a good idea too.

Do You Have Kids?

Do you have kids? Do you have grandkids? Do children frequent your house? Do you have guns? Maybe only one, maybe you have 20. It really doesn’t matter. You need a barrier to separate the two. Please consider a safe. You will protect your children; you’ll protect the community. You will protect your investment.

Every time I hear about an accidental shooting involving a child it tears me up. There is just no excuse for this lack of security. If you have a gun you should be able to keep it out of the wrong hands. This seems very obvious to me, but these things keep happening so here is my part to solve the problem.

Actually, the problem is that some gun safes are not any better than a shoe box under the bed when it comes to protecting your children. To people who build safes for a living, gun safe is a bad term. Typically a gun safe does not operate in the same manner as a jewelry safe does, for instance.

So let’s back up. There isn’t really an argument to be made for locking up your guns so we will go into what kind of safe you choose for this purpose. The first thing you should do is find a product made in America by a company that stands behind its product — NOT a big box store that buys the cheapest product from China they can get their hands on to extract the largest profit margin possible.

Here is an article from Forbes that goes into this in great detail.

Sportsman Steel Safe Company was founded on the principal of protecting children from guns. When a suitable gun safe could not be found on the market, Kevin Hand’s father had one built. The safes we now offer follow the same philosophy. These are real safes, with real safe locks and real safe components. In 38 years we have never had a safe breached by drill, torch or file. There are however, safes that are sold at the big box outlets that can be opened by a three-year-old child (it’s in the link above).

So, do the research and then call us. We love the opportunity to make someone a safe expert. I think of our safes as REAL safes that happen to have gun racks inside. The door offers the same design features as our vault doors that we provide to the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Agencies all over the county. Therefore, they offer true security, fire protect and hold their value.

Safes also are a great place to put XBOX controllers until chores are done.

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