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Gun Safe Fireproofing. We use 6000 Degree Concrete!

Is it true gun safes only use drywall for fire-proofing?
Yes! I’d estimate 98% of gun safes only use a gypsum fire board material.

Is there anything better?
Yes, concrete! That’s what bank vaults use for fireproofing. In our quest to build the best gun safe, we offer a 6000 Degree Concrete.

Watch our JET BOARD CONCRETE FIRE MATERIAL video! We put a 6000 Degree torch of drywall & JET Board concrete! It’s 5 x more heat resistant than drywall. HERE’S THE GREAT NEWS! Our gun safes with concrete fireproofing are the same price as competitor’s gun safes with drywall. Buy our deluxe gloss paint jobs & get the concrete fireproofing free this month.