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Gun Safe Fire Test

Gun Safe Fire Test

In our latest YouTube video, you’ll see just how fireproof our gun safes are. Our CEO Kevin is so sure it will perform under the test, he puts a family photo and $3,000 cash in the safe. See what happens below!

Our gun safes are so fireproof, they survive a fire test at over 2400 degrees!

If you’re in the market for a gun safe, and fireproofing is important to you, consider Sportsman Steel Safes & Pentagon Safes. In 35 years we’ve only had one step door safe lost to fire. If any of our gun safes is caught in a fire, we’ll give you a free replacement safe!

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4 Tips for Responsible Gun Owners

Gun owners have a lot of things on their minds. Current gun laws, ammo prices, and other topics are important, but there’s something that every gun owner is concerned about: proper gun usage. Responsible gun ownership is important for a variety of reasons. Using and storing your firearms keeps you and your loved ones safe, and your responsible behavior also sets a good example for people who have negative views on firearms. If you own a gun, make sure you follow these important rules.

Always point in a safe direction

This is quite possibly the most important rule gun owners can follow. Whenever you have a gun, make sure that your gun is always pointed in a safe direction. A good rule of thumb is to never allow your gun to be pointed at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Even if you know that your safety is on, and even if your gun isn’t loaded, you should always have your gun pointed away from people. Treat every gun like it’s loaded. In these situations, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you don’t want to make a mistake the one day you accidentally forget the usual routine.

Don’t rely on the safety 


Your gun is designed to be as safe as possible, but even manufacturers with an excellent safety record could make mistakes. A gun’s safety setting isn’t an infallible tool; it’s a mechanical device that can jam, or fail like any other. To be perfectly honest, your “safety” is more likely to fail from human error than some kind of mechanical malfunction. You may mistakenly think that you put the safety on when you forgot, or the safety may have been somehow disengaged without you knowing it.

Know what is beyond your target

Despite what most people see in movies, some bullets don’t stop once they hit their target. It’s possible for them to travel through your targeted object and into something behind it. It’s also possible that you may miss your shot, and that the bullet could ricochet into something in the immediate area. You should never fire your gun unless you’re sure that you have a clear shot. Don’t fire when you hear a sound, or see motion or color. Always wait for visual confirmation before you pull your trigger.

Store the guns and ammo properly

Only have your firearm loaded when you’re ready to use it. Never let a loaded gun out of your sight or your hands, and make sure that you’re always in control of your gun when you have it. Also, it’s important that you keep your guns and ammo someplace safe. Some people think that gun safes are only for firearms, but there are plenty of safes with ample space for both your guns and your ammo.

3 Tips for Teaching Your Children About Guns

According to a gun ownership survey done by Gallup Inc. and Gun Owners of America, 36% of people they surveyed own a gun. Gun ownership is an important issue to a lot of Americans, and despite the political differences that people have over it, there is something that people on every side of the issue can agree on: the importance of gun safety and education.

Learning about safety and proper usage is important for every gun owner, but especially gun owners that have children. Since gun ownership has become such a debated issue, it is never too early to talk to your children about the subject. Some parents never quite know how to bring up these topics to their children. Finding the right approach depends on your own feelings and the kind of relationship you want your children to have with guns. What you tell your children is obviously up to you, but here is some universal advice that should help your discussion to go smoothly.

De-mystify guns in your home

Guns can be very fascinating to children, and keeping them locked away only adds to the mystery and piques their curiosity. No one is saying that you should leave your guns out in the open, but you should try to take away some of that forbidden allure that can get some curious kids in trouble. Let them know why you keep guns in your home, whether it’s for hunting, protection, or other personal reasons. If you go to a shooting range or like to go hunting, take your kid along one day to show them what you use your gun for. They’ll get used to seeing them, and they’ll understand why you personally choose to keep them.

image: teach gun safety to children

Make a distinction between real gun use and play/fake gun use

When we’re talking about play guns, we aren’t talking about the plastic revolvers and super soakers your kids are playing with. Kids see guns in televisions shows, Youtube videos, and movies, and it’s safe to say that in almost every situation they aren’t portrayed realistically. Wildly shooting in the air or into a crowd to get “bad guys,” holding guns sideways to look cool, waving around guns menacingly with a finger on the trigger to prove a point — all of this exaggerated behavior may look great on screen but, in real life, any of those actions could end up hurting someone.

Lead by example

The old saying that “actions speak louder than words” is very true when it comes to teaching your children. If you want your child to have a healthy relationship with firearms, lead by example. Show them that you always unload your gun when you get home, and that you make sure to put it in your gun safe so that it’s secure at all times and you know where it is. Your kids will eventually see how to responsibly use firearms and, when they’re old enough, they’ll be prepared to handle their gun of choice because they grew up with such an excellent example of proper gun usage and ownership.

Do you have any other suggestions for teaching kids about gun safety? Let us know!

Gun Buying Tips For Beginners

After taking time to think about the pros and cons of firearm and gun ownership, you’ve decided to purchase one of your own.  A poll conducted by the Gun Owners of America and Gallup Inc. showed that in 2011 36% of the people they surveyed owned some sort of gun or firearm, and soon you’ll join that special percentage of citizens that choose to own a firearm.  There are a lot of different kind of firearms you could, and if you’re new to the world of firearms and self defense, finding a gun of your own can seem a little overwhelming.  Guns have been getting a bad reputation lately, but you don’t have to be a gun aficionado or  into gun politics to be able to pick a good gun to defend yourself.   If you follow these simple gun buying tips, you’ll be able to find the gun that you need to meet your needs.

image: gun buying tips

Think and research

Some guns may look similar, but that doesn’t mean that they’re anything alike in terms of handling, ammo, shot range, and other important factors.  Before you start look at different gun manufacturers, think about what your ideal gun would be like.  Do you want something small you’ll easily be able to conceal, or are you comfortable handling something that is a bit larger?  Can you handle something that will have a bit of a hard kick when you fire it, or do you need something that will be gentle?  Once you figure out what you’re looking for, it’s time to go online.  The NRA has been publishing the American Rifleman for decades, and the web version of their publication has a lot of information for first time gun buyers.  When you’re deciding don’t worry about taking too much time to think about what you’re looking for.  A gun is a major purchase, and it’s something that can be costly to replace.  If you rush and pick the first thing that catches your attention you could end up disappointed, so take all of the time you need to make your decision.

Think about ammo

It’s easy to spend most of your time thinking about the kind of gun you want to own, but the bullets that you’ll be using with the gun are equally important.  Ammo can vary from brand to brand as much as different guns can, so once you think you have an idea of the kind of gun you’ll want start to do research on the recommended type of ammo for it.  Some ammo can be very inexpensive and easy to find, other kinds can be costly and may only be sold by a certain company.

Only find a legitimate gun seller

If you do a search for handgun buyers online, you’ll no doubt come up with countless nearby sellers who promise the cheapest and most “discreet” services.  Don’t let a good deal cloud your judgment, you should only work with licensed firearms sellers.  That isn’t just to make sure that you get a quality weapon, it’s to make sure that you don’t get in trouble with the law.

Take a gun safety course

We know, we know, you know plenty of people that own guns and they’ve never taken a proper safety or shooting course before in their lives.  Gun safety is far too important of an issue to ignore, and responsible gun owners do whatever they can to make sure that they’re safe.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a safety and shooting course, your local gun club may offer discount classes or completely free classes.

Buy a gun safe

Also make sure that you have what you need to safely store your gun at home.  Look for the safest gun safe money can buy, and make sure that you know how to properly store ammo.

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