Why You Don’t Buy Gun Safes from Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is great for simple things.  Toiletries, vitamins, holiday cards and motor oil.

One thing it’s not good for is theft-proof and fireproof gun safes.

Part of Wal-Mart’s branding strategy involves offering low prices on all of its products.  This approach works well for toothbrushes and toothpaste, but it doesn’t always extend these low prices to high quality products that are best of the best.

Image of: Wal-Mart showcasing why you shouldn't buy their gun safes.

The bottom line is: some products are just too good for Wal-Mart.  Nothing is too good for you – the shopper – but some things are too good for Wal-Mart’s market strategy.  Some of these things include the theft-proof and fireproof gun safes from Sportsman Steel Safes.

The Kind of Gun Safes Wal-Mart Sells

The most popular gun safe Wal-Mart offers customers isn’t popular among people who really care about keeping their guns safe.  Many gun owners mention that the popular Wal-Mart safes made by Stack-On are adequate for preventing home misuse but fall short during fires and acts of thievery.

A senior member of GunBoards.com says about the Stack-On safes, “I have heard of thieves using a 4-1/2″ grinder to grind through the top corner of thin safes, then roll back the top like a sardine can, and take the guns out the top.” Since thievery is the exact thing you’re trying to prevent, these gun safes fail to deliver in the presence of a common crook with a common tool.

The senior member goes on to say that you should save up for a high quality gun safe and not waste your money on the kind of safes at Wal-Mart.  “The time you spend modifying a cheap safe could be put into overtime at work, or a second job to buy a better safe.”

If you read the thread on GunBoard.com, you’ll see that many people use the safes they get from Wal-Mart to keep “the kiddies at bay.”  Gun owners recognize that they’re not intended to provide a strong defense against burglars and fire.  While many of them do succeed in preventing children’s access to guns, they fail in many other areas.  This is why it’s wise to save up for a gun safe that offers defense on several levels and lasts forever.

The Kind of Gun Safes We Sell

For 33 years, none of the doors on our gun safes have been drilled open, so if you’re worried about common thieves, worry no more.  In addition, our fireproof gun safes last longer in the heat of the moment than the safes of other leading manufacturers.  For longer lasting fireproofing, you can also get the 2300º ceramic fireproofing option.

Because our safes are burglar-proof and fireproof, they’re also child-proof.  If a burglar can’t get in, no child can get in either.  Our 2″ step door allows gun owners to sleep well at night, leave the home carefree and rest assured their guns are safe from criminals and careless child activity.

If you’re looking for an exceptional gun safe to protect your guns and family, a Sportsman Steel safe is what you need.

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