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Gun Safe Prying Videos & The Insecurity of Most Gun Safes

Recently, we compiled data from our gun safe customers and realized that during attacks, most gun safes are attempted to be pried open and not drilled open.

If you go to Google and search “gun safe prying videos” you can watch dozens of videos showing gun safes being pried open in less than four minutes. That’s a scary thought!  But it really drives home the point that most gun safes can be pried open and that is the preferred method of opening a gun safe.


The reason for these easy break-ins is the frames are super thin. Usually 1/8″ frames. That’s why we use heavy-duty 3/4″ steel frames in front of all our bolts. Those are virtually pry-proof.

image: steel gun safe

If you’re concerned about the security of your gun safe, you owe it to yourself to buy the most secure gun safes around. You never want to find yourself in the situation of a pried open gun safe.

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