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Why Buying a Gun Safe from Lowe’s Might Be a Bad Idea

A lot of our customers come to us saying that they have purchased gun safes from big retailers, chain stores or sporting goods stores in the past and have only been disappointed. They thought they were getting a good quality gun safe for a good price. Little did they know that these gun safes simply didn’t live up to their needs. Here are some reasons why buying a gun safe from a big retailer like Lowe’s might be a bad idea.

Most of the big retailers gun safes have minimum quality. The steel is not only thin, but so are the frames that protect the bolts. Usually 1/8 or 3/16″. That means they can be pried by two men with 3 foot long crowbars. You can actually see this all over the internet. But Sportsman Safes are different. Because we don’t sell to middlemen, we can spend more $ on your gun safe; offering you 3/4″ steel frames, which are nearly impossible to pry.

image: don't buy gun safes from Lowe's

Most big chain stores like Lowe’s have gun safes with 1/8″ bodies. That’s pretty thin. Many devices can cut through these walls. At Sportsman Safes you can get gun safes with 1/4″ steel bodies which are twice as thick. We’ve never had a 1/4″ steel body cut through in 35 years!

Plus, our prices are only 300-400 more than the generic chain store gun safes. You’re going to have the gun safe for the rest of your life. $300 more isn’t a lot to spend. That’s only $10 more a year for life. It’s worth it, especially if you experience a fire or attempted break-in.

Also keep in mind that standard gun safes at chain stores like Walmart and Lowe’s can’t be custom ordered. Maybe you have expensive guns that need more protection. It’s impossible to order more fire protection or thicker steel and hard-plate. At Sportsman Safes we can make your walls 1″ solid steel if you want or 2 hour fire resistant. For not as much money as you’d think.

image: fire resistant gun safe

Lastly, when you’re out of state, you pay NO SALES TAX on our gun safes. Most times chain stores in your state will charge your tax. In the $100’s. Not here.

Still considering buying a Lowes gun safe? Give us a call first: 800-266-7150.