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6 Rules you should follow when buying a gun safe.

We are often asked many questions by customers who are interested in buying a gun safe. Below is a list of some of the most important rules to follow when you are in the market for a new safe.

  1. GET A SAFE WITH A THICK FRAME – 80-90% of the time when gun safes are attacked it’s by

    Thick Gun Safe Frame

    prying. Most thieves don’t bring cutting torches or harden drill bits to drill open your safe. They simply pry the door open and rip you off. Having a thick frame in front of your bolts will stop 99% of pry attacks. Most box store gun safes use thin frames, usually 1/8″, which is pretty easy to pry into. This is one of the reasons we suggest buying from gun safe manufacturer who offers thick 1/2″ – 3/4″ pry resistant frames, even if you have to pay a few more bucks for it.

  2. BUY A SAFE BIGGER THANK YOU THINK YOU NEED – Almost every gun safe buyer wishes he could go back in time before his purchase and buy the next size bigger. This is mainly because you buy more guns or ammo or your wife wants a few shelves for her jewelry and other collectables. So trust us, buy a safe at least 8″ wider than you think you need. You and your gun collection will be happy you did.
  3. CONSIDER A DIGITAL LOCK – Standard spin dial locks take 45 seconds to open. They have four number combos. You have to spin the dial four x to the left, 3 x to the right, 2 x to the left, then right till the dial stops. And if you’re off a number, you have to do it over again. Digital locks can be opened in 2 seconds. But make sure you buy an American made digital lock with a lifetime warranty. They are constructed better and can be repaired free if something malfunctions.
  4. BUY A GUN SAFE WITH A STEP DOOR – You probably hate when you go to a gun safe store

    Safe with Step Door

    and the door rattles when you push it back and forth. This is the way many gun safes are made. The problem with these loose fitting doors during a fire is heat rushes in the space between the door and frame, which heats up your gun safe fast. Step doors seal four times better and fit much tighter. They’re better all the way around.

  5. THICKER STEEL – Gun safes with 12 gauge steel and thinner can sometimes be penetrated with fire axes and saws easier than thicker steel. And thin steel actually flexes or bends when crooks attempt to pry gun safe doors open. Thick steel will not flex and allow the frame to contort, which could lead to pry-ins. Buying a 10 gauge steel body only costs about $200 more. It’s well worth it.
  6. BE CAUTIOUS OF MIDDLEMEN SELLING GUN SAFES ONLINE – They mark up prices for profits. When you buy from a manufacturer, they can use that extra money to build a better quality gun safe for you.In short, buy your gun safe straight from a manufacturer. It isn’t always the cheapest, but they do build the best gun safes. If you want a gun safe on sale, call a factory-direct gun safe company and ask a salesmen for gun safes on sale. They’ll usually cut you a deal! Good luck gun safe shopping.

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Choosing the Right Lock for Your Gun Safe

Choosing a proper gun safe is an important decision that affects not only the safety of your firearms, but the protection of your loved ones as well. When weighing your options and choosing which safe works best for your needs, there are several things to consider. Possibly the most important thing to factor into this decision is what type of lock, and how many locking bolts, you should look for in a gun safe. At Sportsman Steel Safes, we want our clientele to be educated on the various types of safes that they can get and which is the best, safest choice for their needs. Here is some information on locking mechanisms and bolts that we think will help you:

The Two main Types of Locking Mechanism

Experts have weighed in on this topic and have offered their thoughts on the two most popular types of gun safe locking mechanisms: combination dial and digital style locks. Opinions throughout the industry typically agree that while combination dial locks are, in fact, slower to open than electronic locks, they are also typically more durable and trustworthy when it comes to actually securing your firearms. It is important to factor in the speed of your firearm’s availability in a crisis situation, however, and the difference in opening time between a dial and digital lock is pretty substantial.


While it is believed to be trickier to determine a combination dial lock’s code after it has been “spun clear,” as opposed to possibly using a program to pick an electric one, the latter offers more security. Electronic locks with digital access allow owners to change codes whenever necessary, as opposed to combo dial locks that require a much longer process. Digital access can also allow for industry upgrades such as fingerprint technology. The debate becomes one of old fashioned strength and durability versus accessibility and versatility. The results are in, and it has been reported that around 80% of gun safe owners actually rely on digital locks, rather than their dial-equipped ancestors.

The great thing about Sportsman Steel Safes, though, is that they don’t just utilize digital locks. Some of their most impressive safes also have physical key locks for extra defense and protection. With the thicker walls and doors, the extra fire protection, and the ample relockers on their safes, it’s easy to see why the FBI uses our products.

How Many Locking Bolts do You Need?

When it comes to the actual locking mechanisms within the safe, and figuring out how many locking bolts are necessary to safely stow your firearms, obviously the more that your safe features, the better. Experts advise that your gun safe should have a minimum of two bolts on each of the four sides of the container, which creates an equal distribution of protection on each side; it is also important to avoid any safe that has bolts on only one or three sides, as it is not as balanced.

The choice of which gun safe to use for your firearms is one that must be well-researched. Industry experts agree that while combination dial lock safes are much more durable, digital locks provide a quicker response time in emergencies and benefit from upgraded technology. Each model has its benefits, and you must weigh which lock type will meet your family’s needs.

If you have any questions or would like some advice about the best gun safe for your needs, call or contact us at Sportsman Steel Safes! We have the experience to help fit the safe to the need.


3 Mistakes People Make that End up Ruining their Shots

For some first-time gun buyers, it can seem like some people were just born with the ability to shoot. When you go to the gun range and see people flawlessly hit each bulls-eye, or go hunting and notice that your friend seems to hit every animal that comes in their sight, it can be easy to think that you have to be born with some gun skills. It is true that some people happen to have a knack for shooting, but a lot of different things go into being a good shot. You’d be surprised by how one seemingly small alteration in the way you handle your firearm can dramatically change the accuracy of your shot. Don’t vow to lock up all of your firearms in your gun safe when you come back from another unsuccessful day of hunting; see if you’re making these common mistakes when you take your shot.

Improperly mounted scope


You may have been mounting your scope the same way for years, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve been doing it correctly. Properly scope mounting can be difficult, but luckily there are a lot of resources available to help you do it correctly. Outdoorlife.com has an excellent step-by-step picture post on the proper method. If that doesn’t work for you, do a quick YouTube search for videos that will demonstrate the technique. If you’ve been doing it wrong, a slight change to your scope may help improve your shooting accuracy a great deal.

Pulling the trigger roughly

Pulling the trigger on your firearm properly is a lot more complicated than you’d think. In fact, the term “pulling the trigger” may not be the best way to describe firing your gun. Ideally, when firing, your finger should make more of a pressing motion than a pulling motion. When most people fire, they end up yanking too hard, which can completely mess up a perfect shot. When you pull your trigger, it shouldn’t jostle your gun, mess up your sight, or do anything to affect your shot.

Using the wrong ammo

The importance of ammo has been mentioned on this blog plenty of times in the past, but in terms of having a good shot, the type of ammo you use is crucial. If you’re shooting factory rifles, always test a few loads to see what kind of ammo will perform the best in your firearm. If you have to reload your gun often during hunting, also be sure to focus on how smoothly you can reload your gun.


Owning a Gun Safe is the Best Gun Control

The debate over gun control has been talked about for decades. It’s time we stopped talking, because it won’t happen; not dramatic gun control anyway. Not with Americans fascinated with firearms. But what we can do is take small steps toward making our country safer.

image: gun safe

For example, of the teens that used guns in high school, theater and night club shootings, 85% acquired their weapons from family members who didn’t have them locked up. That’s right. Rifles, handguns and ammo was left out in the opening for troubled teens to take and use on their shooting rampages.

I can’t help but think that if these families had guns safes how many lives would have been saved. Ten, twenty, a hundred? By simply buying a DOJ approved gun safe, we could reduce the likelihood of these shootings dramatically. So the next time someone mentions gun control, ask them where their guns are? If they are unprotected, in a closet or under the bed, this gun control problem start with them.

As gun owners we need to be responsible.

The solution is easy: Buy a gun safe and be a part of the solution.

Call Sportsman Steel Safes for gun safes and vault doors. We’re had zero safe doors drilled open in 35 years. Call 800-266-7150. 

Gun Safe 101: What to Look For in a Gun Safe

If you’re searching for a gun safe, then you know that all of the options can be a bit overwhelming. By purchasing a safe, you are making a responsible and important investment; it’s important that you select the best one for your needs. Here is some essential information to consider so that you make an educated decision and purchase.

  • Why Are You Purchasing a Gun Safe?  There are many different types of gun safes available on the market. If you’re looking to secure your firearms from children and nothing else, then a locking metal cabinet will do the job nicely. However, if you want to safeguard your guns from fire, then you’ll need a safe that can withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. On the other hand, if your primary concern is theft by savvy people who are able to pick a lock, then you’ll want a heavy gauge steel safe that is weighty and hard to remove from your home. Once you are able to identify your needs, you will be better able to shop for a safe.
  • Bolt Coverage – This term is used to describe how many sides of the door have bolts that lock. Cheaper gun safes will only have bolts on one side of the door, while others can have bolts on every side. Better bolt coverage makes it very difficult for a thief to be able to pry the safe open. In addition, the more bolts a gun safe has, the tighter the seal, which means it will help protect guns in the event of a fire.
  • Lock Type – When purchasing a gun safe, you have the option of a mechanical, biometric, or keypad lock. Mechanical locks are the most popular and are opened by dialing the combination on a hand-turned wheel. These do not require power and are considered to be the most reliable. A biometric lock is new technology that uses fingerprint recognition to unlock the safe. Since this is a new and sophisticated type of lock, these gun safes are the most expensive. Lastly, keypad locks require entry of a numeric combination on a keypad. This type is battery operated and will open when the battery is dead, leading some consumers to avoid it.


  • Thickness of Metal – Good gun safes range in metal thickness from 12 to 7 gauge; the smaller the gauge, the thicker the metal. As a result, 12 gauge safes are the minimum that you should get — anything less should be avoided because it will be thinner and offer limited security to your firearms.

When purchasing a gun safe, it’s important to pay attention to the above features so you get the best product for your needs. Learn more about our gun safes and get a gun safe quote. Call us today with any questions at:  800-266-7150.

Gun Safe Colors – What’s Your Favorite?

Did you know that you have your choice of color when you buy one of our gun safes?

Sportsman Steel Safes - Gun Safe Color Chart

Take our poll – let us know your favorite gun safe color!


Is there another color you don’t see here that you’d like to see on one of our gun safes?


Gun Safety Tips

Owning a gun is a big responsibility. Many accidents could have been avoided if the owner had taken the precaution of keeping their firearms in a gun safe. It should be the goal of every gun owner to respect their weapon and keep it secured when it is not in use to prevent any mishaps. In order to be a conscientious gun owner, there are some things that you MUST do.


  • Always make sure that your gun is facing a direction that is safe. A safe direction means that the gun is pointed so that, even if it is accidentally set off, no one will be injured. Often, the best way of doing this is to keep the gun facing down.
  • Your gun should always be unloaded when it isn’t being used. Whenever you put your gun away, you should unload it; further, when you take it out of storage, the first thing you should do is make sure it’s empty. Make sure that the safety is on and point the gun in a safe direction while checking.
  • Your bullets should never be stored in the same place as your gun.
  • Your finger should stay off of the trigger until you are actually ready to shoot it.
  • Make sure that everyone in your home is educated on gun safety. To help explain gun safety to your children, visit the site ProjectChildSafe.org. This organization has a ton of helpful information to present and discuss with your children. The site also includes a pledge for your children to sign after you’ve spoken to them on the subject. 
  • Your guns should always be stored securely in a gun safe, which should be kept out of plain sight. You’ll want to avoid drawing attention to your home because there are people who rob homes specifically for guns.
  • Keep your gun clean at all times. In fact, you should clean it as soon as you are done using it.
  • Purchase a locking apparatus that keeps the gun from functioning when it’s not being used. Gun locks act as an additional level of safety.

It is the responsibility of every owner to make sure that their guns are safe at all times. If, at any point, you feel that you are unable to be a responsible owner, it is up to you to turn your firearm in. You will be held accountable if there is ever an accident involving your gun, even if it was not in your hands. For more information on how to properly care for a gun, visit the website of the National Rifle Association of America.

The Best Gun Safe Manufacturer Offers Safes of All Sorts

When many people think of the word “safe,” they think of guns, cash, jewelry and other valuable articles.  At Sportsman and Pentagon Steel Safes, we manufacture and sell safes that protect these as well as other things.

gun safe lock picture

The core of our business is our gun safes, but we also have safes built to protect you!

That’s right.  Unlike other gun safe manufacturers, we look at the word “safe” in broader terms.  It’s important to protect your possessions, but it’s also important to protect yourself – the owner of those possessions.

To have the most secure form of protection, you need to protect your assets as well as your physical self.  Today, we’re going to explore how you can protect both with the high quality, impenetrable safes from Sportsman and Pentagon Steel Safes.

Protect Your Assets: Guns, Money, Precious Metals, Jewelry … even Wine!

Your assets provide you and your family with protection, wealth, security and satisfaction (a good aged bottle of wine, anyone?).  Therefore, in order to protect the well being of you and your family, you must protect your assets. Your assets come in many forms, in addition to guns that offer valuable protection and sport.  That’s why we offer the following in addition to our gun safes…

  • Jewelry Safes: Jewelry is precious.  Not just for personal satisfaction and enjoyment, but for financial reasons as well.  Because jewelry is made from precious metals, it preserves its wealth more than cash.  Therefore, protecting jewelry is imperative for personal reasons as well as financial ones.  To secure your jewelry in a fashionable manner, we offer doors of various colors including red, green and black.  All jewelry safes come with custom-built wooden shelves and are protected with drill-proof and fireproof steel.
  • Wine Cellar Doors: If you’re a wine collector, you know how valuable wine is.  Sometimes, a single bottle can be worth as much as an exquisite piece of jewelry.  With our wine cellar doors, you can protect your collection from criminal activity as well as harmful temperatures.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Now that your possessions are safe, it’s time to protect yourself … from criminal activity, harmful weather conditions, even terrorist threats.  With our variety of human protection safes, you’ll always have a place to protect you and your family from dangerous circumstances.

  • Safe rooms: These are built to protect you from everything!  They can be used as storm shelters, panic rooms, tornado shelters and even bank-level vaults and gun rooms.  With our custom options, you can get them as large or small as you want.  Protect your family or even your whole neighborhood!
  • Vault Doors – Our vault doors have an extraordinary track record. No break-ins, pry-ins or losses to fire ever. They’re American Made which means our steel is harder, our locks more reliable and our relockers are tested here at the factory before being shipped to customers. And the fireproof material isn’t just drywall. Our fire system is a combination of fireboard, 2300 Degree Ceramic and expandable gaskets. If you have a vault door opening that requires a custom vault door, please contact our vault door experts and we’ll give you a price with shipping direct to your home.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these valuable sources of protection for you and your assets, contact us online or call 800-266-7150.