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Tips for Choosing the Safest Gun Safes

When choosing the proper gun safe to store your firearms at home, you must research what attributes create the safest gun storage environment. Customers ask us all the time what features can make gun safes the absolute safest. We are more than happy to help educate gun owners on how to pick the right safe that can protect not only guns, but anything from important family documents and photos, to priceless heirlooms in the worst scenarios.

Image: Tips on How To Choose the Safest Gun Safes

Tips on Choosing The Safest Gun Safes

  1. Get a safe that utilizes an electronic digital access. Opinions throughout the industry typically agree that combination dial locks are in fact slower to open than electronic locks. It is extremely important to factor in the speed of your firearm’s availability in a crisis situation, and the difference in opening time between a dial and digital lock is pretty substantial. Additionally, electronic locks with digital access allow owners to change codes whenever necessary as opposed to combo dial locks that require a much longer process. Digital access can also allow for industry upgrades such as fingerprint technology. It has been reported that around 80% of total gun safe owners rely on digital locks, rather than their dial equipped ancestors.
  1. Get a safe that is completely fireproof. Your safe should be certified flame retardant and suitable for surviving temperatures of at least 1500 degrees Fahrenheit; some high end models can even reach levels of 2300 degrees. The exterior of your safe should also include a flame retardant powder coating that helps deter fire, including blow torches during break in attempts.
  1. Get a safe that incorporates a separate steel frame solely for its lock plate. This simple addition greatly prevents common intrusive attempts such as drilling.
  1. Get a safe that has “Jig-Saw step doors,” over traditional flat surface designs. Flat doors rattle and only provide a gasket seal on one level. During a fire, hot air can still get into safes that are only protected through one level of sealing, thus putting your important documents at risk. On the other hand, “step doors” are built like bank vaults and commercial grade safes, sealing your firearms on four separate levels. This type of seal actually creates a gun safe that is airtight and waterproof, as well as fireproof.
  1. Get a safe that is protected under a warranty. In today’s day and age, most companies stand by their work in the form of some sort of warranty. Make sure you choose a well known manufacturer that offers guaranteed protection to your valuables.

If you consider the five tips mentioned above into your decision making when picking out storage for your firearms, you can guarantee that not only your valuables, but your family, will be protected by the safest gun safe possible.

Let us help you make the best possible decision for your firearms protection; whether you buy from us or not, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about gun safes.

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