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Gun Safe Buying Tip: Buy Next Largest Size – Here’s Why:

The biggest problem with buying a gun safe is people don’t buy one big enough. You want to save money so you purchase a safe too small, not realizing you’ll have the safe for the rest of your life.

You think you’ll store six guns with a few hand guns and ammo. Then before you know it, you’re packing paperwork, jewelry, cash, cameras, photo albums and everything under the sun in your safe. Then you’re back on the phone buying another gun safe a year later.

So the trick is… find the safe you want and buy the next size up. You’ll never be disappointed. Take a look at this WALK-IN GUN SAFE. It’s 10 times larger than the biggest gun safe and only $7999.

Not sure which safe is right for you? Give us a call: 1-800-266-7150.