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Never Lose Your Guns to Fire Again

Image of: two handguns around a fire icon.

When it comes to assets that are valuable, both financially and personally, it’s important to do everything you can to protect them.  This especially applies to firearms – assets that protect you AND your family.  Many believe a gun safe’s main purpose is to protect your family from unwanted accidents and theft. But it’s also smart to invest in a fireproof gun safe.

In addition to buying a fireproof safe, you should also follow our advice below to ensure your most viable source of protection is never compromised.  Although most guns are replaceable, the guns you currently have may be special and worth protecting.  They may have sentimental value, your father gave them to you or they’ve been custom fit to your body and gun skills.

Below, we’re going to cover some ways you can compliment your fireproof gun safe and give your guns the ultimate protection they deserve.  Whether you use them for protection, sport, or food gathering – all of these reasons are good reasons enough to invest into a quality fireproof gun safe to protecting your firearms.

Keep Your Gun Safe Near Non-Flammable Building Materials

After you buy your gun safe, make sure to place it near building materials like concrete or drywall that aren’t flammable.  If you have a basement made of concrete, this is a good place to put a fireproof gun safe.  Because concrete isn’t flammable like wood, it will never be at the root of a fire.  Most likely, it will become the last area to become engulfed in flame.

It’s good for your fire rating to place your gun safe farthest place away from flammable material.  Depending on the gun safe you purchase, there’s a certain time the safe can completely withstand the heat.  There are 40, 60 and 90 minute fireproof gun safes that all have varying degrees of fire protection.

For instance, if you get a gun safe that can withstand the damaging effects of a fire for 90 minutes, you have more leeway with where you put your gun safe.  On the other hand, with a 40-minute gun safe, you should strongly consider placing it further away from flammable material.  Perhaps in the corner of basement with a concrete foundation.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Close By

This is incredibly important if your gun safe is surrounded by flammable materials.  Although a fire extinguisher won’t do much in the wake of a huge fire, it can effectively put out the small fire near your gun safe.

Even if you don’t extinguish the fire completely, at least you’ve slowed it down and have given the fire department more time to respond.  This extra time gives fireproof gun safes with less fire protection a better chance of protecting the guns within it.

When you buy your gun safe, buy a large fire extinguisher – not one of those skinny ones.