Special Gun Rights For Those Who Own Safes

With Congress attempting to take away gun owner’s rights, one of our customers made a great suggestion. While doing research, he concluded many accidental gun deaths and high school shootings were due to gun owners not locking up their weapons. You know the story… troubled kid gets a hold of his step dad’s pistol and a nightmare ensues. So our customer thought, “I’ll do my part and buy a gun safe.”

So we started thinking… why don’t gun safe owners have more gun rights than citizens who don’t lock up their weapons? It makes perfect sense! If no one has access to your weapons, the likelihood of an accident is greatly reduced. It’s the responsible thing to do. Weapons are dangerous in the hands of people without experience using them.

What do you think—do you think that gun safe owners should have more gun rights than citizens who do not? Let us know in the comments below!

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Also, if you have some time take a look at these New York Times articles that touch on many gun law issues we thought were interesting.


5 thoughts on “Special Gun Rights For Those Who Own Safes

  1. Best Biometric Gun Safes

    Completely agree that gun safe owners should have more rights than those who do not own a gun safe. It is incredibly important to keep guns locked away and safe from getting into the wrong hands or just preventing children from accidentally coming across them. It should be mandatory to have a gun safe if you are to own a gun.

  2. Walter

    While it’s certainly important to keep your firearms secure, and I both use and encourage the use of gun safes, I find the concept of “special rights” for safe-owners fundamentally flawed in that non-safe-owners would then have inherently less rights. The right to bear arms already has far too many exceptions and limitations without adding another burden.

    I could perhaps see a different incentive being reasonable, such as a tax deduction/rebate, so that gun owners have a monetary incentive to buy and use a gun safe. Similar tax incentives have been used in that past for various reasons, (e.g. home solar panels) so a tax incentive for gun safes in the name of safety doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

    But “special rights”, for what should already be a non-infringable right, is certainly a bad idea.

  3. Glenn

    Owning a gun safe doesn’t make the gun safe. I can make every weapon, I’ve ever owned, safe with a padlock. Leaving a loaded weapon unattended makes it unsafe.
    Putting restrictions on responsible gun owners will not reduce crime or accidental gun mishaps. Proper education and training will.
    Stop messing with the 2nd Amendment.

  4. Lee Moore

    I own a couple of safes, I lock my guns up religiously, and I completely disagree with this. My right to bear arms does not come with conditions. There are no degrees of magnitude of a right. Rights are black and white. One either has the right or they do not. I was born with this right. The Constitution enumerated and guarantees this right. There is a reason it is called a “right” and not a “privilege.” Privileges are granted. Rights can only be taken away.

  5. Christopher Schmitt

    I agree. In fact I feel like there should be penalties for people who don’t and their troubled kid uses it. People want all of the rights but non of the responsibility that comes with it. The cost of a safe when compared to the cost of the firearm is negligible. With safe technology these days it’s just as fast to access it in a safe or buried in a closet. I wrote a blog on it http://christopheraschmitt.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/rights-and-responsibilities/ check it out.


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