Responsible Gun Owners Buy Gun Safes

Articles surface everyday about the many dangers of guns, and how this country should reduce the amount of guns in the hands of Americans.


No matter where you stand on this topic, one thing is certain: if all guns were locked in a safe, there would be less accidents and high school shootings.

A study was done a few years ago that revealed shooting sprees where teenagers were involved, was the product of a family member not having their weapons locked up. The troubled teen found the unsecured weapon and the rest is history. This horrible history could have been avoided if the gun owners would have locked up their weapons in a gun safe.

Most responsible gun owners do buy gun safes. And congrats to them for being responsible. I wish the Press would talk about locking up guns, rather than focusing on gun laws or the great divide between gun owners and non-gun owners. If every gun in America was locked up, I’d bet 70% of gun accidents and random shootings would be avoided.

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