Redefining What Fire Resistance Material is for Gun Safes

Many gun safes are made with flame resistant material that’s similar to drywall.  Composed mostly of sheetrock, this drywall-like material can’t withstand the kind of heat magnesium-oxide can.  Magnesium-oxide, the chemical bond responsible for the incredible fire resistant material Sportsman Steel and Pentagon Safe now uses, lasts about 5 times longer than standard sheetrock and 3 times longer than Type X sheetrock.

In the event of a fire, the steel that composes the external part of a safe is the first line of defense.  What the fire-resistant layer beneath it does is serve as a second line of defense between your stored guns and the blazing fire.  If a safe were made without fire resistant material, your most beloved guns would be destroyed very quickly.

In a video made by JetProducts, the company behind the new fire resistant material, a Burn Through Test is conducted.  In the test, a 6,000-degree metal tip flame is used to test the fire resistance of 12mm standard sheetrock, 15mm Type X sheetrock, and Jetboard – the official name of the new material used by Sportsman.  At the end of the test, the results confirm that Jetboard is more reliable than its competitors.  Before the metal tip burns a hole through the three materials, the standard sheetrock lasts 15 seconds, the Type X sheetrock 23 seconds, and the Jetboard 74 seconds.

Watch the Burn Through Test here.

In addition to using the new JetBoard in our gun safes, we also take advantage of the board’s fire resistant qualities when we manufacture our vault doors and safe rooms.

To get a good idea of just how amazing this JetBoard is, it’s worth comparing the temperature of the metal flame tip used in the Burn Through Test and the average temperature of a burning house.  In the Burn Through Test, the flame was 6,000 degrees; in the average house fire, flames reach around 1,200 degrees – still destructive, but 5 times cooler than the flame used in the video.

What this means is that, outside of testing conditions, JetBoard can withstand fire for an extremely long time compared to drywall-like fire resistant materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing new material, learn more about JetBoard here or give us a call today at 800-266-7150.  Also note that you can add JetBoard to any safe or vault offered by Sportsman Steel Safes.

We’re always happy to explain to you why JetBoard is on the cutting edge of fire protection and why buying guns safes made with this fire resistant material is the only real choice when it comes to responsible gun protection.

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