5 Reasons Why a Medium-Sized Gun Safe is Right for You

The roadblock many people encounter when looking for gun safes is size.

Do I buy a small, medium, or large gun safe?  Will I buy more guns in the future and, thereby, require more storage space?  Is it smart to store my home protection guns with my sport guns in an attempt to save money with a smaller-sized safe?

These are questions that arise when you come face-to-face with the flat and hard glossy fronts of multiple gun safes.  First, the smaller one seems like the right choice, then the larger one does.  It’s a frustrating back-and-forth that clouds the best choice.  However, making the wrong purchase decision is avoidable.

To avoid it, what you have to do is contemplate and answer the following question: What size gun safe is right for me?

ALWAYS answer this question before you begin your search for a high quality safe.

To help you answer it, we’re going to focus on the medium-sized gun safe.  By listing 5 key reasons why a medium-sized safe is the right size for some people, we’ll help you narrow down your search.  This will help you determine if this size is right for you as much as it will help you determine if one isn’t.

  1. You have fewer than 17 long guns and 50 pistols.  If you have, or are close to having, this exact amount of guns, the medium-sized gun safe may be too small – especially if you plan on storing ammo in the safe as well. If this is the case, you may want to consider a large gun safe.  However, if you have under the amount of long guns and pistols listed, the medium-sized safe is a good choice.
  2. You have around 10 long guns, a lot of ammo and under 30 pistols.  When buying a gun safe, you always need to account for the amount of ammo you want to store.  Ammo takes up a good amount of space and, consequently, takes away from additional gun storage space.  This is why it’s recommended that heavy ammo keepers interested in a medium-sized gun safe have a less amount of guns than mentioned in point #1.
  3. You want to consolidate the storage of your hunting rifles and hand guns.  If have less than 17 long guns and less than 50 hand guns and have been storing each type in separate safes, the medium safe may be right for you.  Having one gun safe instead of two or more will simplify your gun storage solution and make it more secure.  It will also save you time.
  4. You have filled a big gun safe but your gun purchase rate is decreasing.  If you already have a big gun safe, it may be a waste of space and money to invest in a new one.  For instance, if you once bought a new gun every other week to fill your big gun safe, but, since then, your purchase rate has decreased, you probably don’t need another big gun safe.  A medium-sized safe may suffice.
  5. You’re a “medium-time” hunter and hand-gun collector.  You’re not small-time and you’re not big-time (even though your accuracy is).  Instead, you’re “medium-time,” in terms of gun collection and ownership.  For instance, you like hunting, but you don’t go every day.  Having less than 10 long guns is good enough for you.  Also, you like to target shoot, but you only do it on the weekends.  You have around 20-30 hand guns and that’s more than enough.  If this sounds anything like you, the medium-sized gun safe may be the way to go.

For these 5 tips, Sportsman Steel Safes used its medium sized gun safe – “The Special Forces” – as a reference.

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