What Size Gun Safe Should I Buy?

Different people with different hobbies, interests, and careers require different gun safes.

First and foremost, the gun safe you buy should be well equipped to hold all the guns you currently own and ones you plan to buy in the future.  How do you know how many guns you’ll buy in the future?  Just take a look at what you’ve bought in the past.

On average, how many guns do you buy per year?  If you buy one or two, plan on buying a gun safe with 10-20 extra slots.  If you buy five or more, get a safe that with 20 or more extra slots.

Image of: small, medium and large gun safe.

Ideally, you’ll want to get a big gun safe that holds 100+ guns if you’re someone who likes to keep your guns all in one place.  However, there’s always the option of diversifying your collection with more than one safe.  At the end of the day, it’s about what you like and feel most comfortable with.

Now we’re going to look at what gun safe is best for some different types of people.

Guns Safes for Professionals

The kind of professional we’re talking about is someone who carries a gun for their job.  This includes cops, detectives, government agents and military men.  All of these different people can also be hobbyists and collectors, but, here, we’re going to assume they aren’t.  Instead, we’re assuming that these professionals only carry the guns they’re issued in addition to old guns passed down from family and one or two additional firearms for target shooting.

Assuming this is the kind of professional we’re dealing with, a small gun safe that holds 8 guns would make the most sense.

Guns Safes for Hobbyists

Hobbyists are people who use guns for hunting, recreational target practice and non-lethal sport (skeet, trap, etc.).  Because their collection usually contains an equal amount of handguns and larger guns, they often require a medium-sized gun safe that holds anywhere from 20 to 40 guns or more.

At Sportsman Steel Safes, we have the best collection of gun safes to fit the needs of any type of hobbyist. Whether you’re a daily, weekly or monthly shooter, there’s a safe to meet your exact present and future requirements.

Next time you’re at your favorite shooting location, ask around and see what size gun safe other hobbyists have.  This will help you narrow down what size to buy.

Gun Safes for Collectors

Collectors are people who love shooting guns as much as they love buying them.  Many collectors find themselves in situations where they run out of gun storage space.  Because they buy so many guns per year, a small or medium-sized gun safe doesn’t fulfill their needs.

Depending on what type of gun (handgun, rifle, shotgun) the collector is most interested in, he or she will either need a large, extra large, or series of gun safes.

After considering what kind of gun owner you are, head over to our gun safe shop to find some of the finest gun safes ever manufactured.  Committed to impeccable quality and customer service, we’re here to help you with any of your firearm storage needs.  For assistance, contact our gun safe professionals online or call 800-266-7150.

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