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Best Gun Safe Reviews

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Thanks for viewing Sportsman’s Best Gun Safe review. Buying the best gun for the money can be confusing. Here’s a checklist so you make the right decision.

1) 2″ Step Doors – If you want a safe built like a bank vault, make sure you get a step system door. These Jig-Saw-looking doors fit into the frame like a puzzle, creating multiple strength points & sealing points. 99% of gun safes have flat doors that only seal one sealing point.

2) Concrete Fireproofing – Believe it or not, most gun safes have fireproofing consisting of drywall or cheap ceramic blanket. Sportsman has a Magnesium Oxide Concrete that is 4 x more fire resistant than drywall.

3) Pry-Resistance Frame. When criminals attempt to break into gun safes, 75% of them try to pry the safe door open. This is why gun safes must have thick frames in front of the bolt system. Gun safe frames that get compromised by pry-ins are usually constructed with 1/8″ thick steel. Make sure you buy a gun safe with at least 3/8″ – 3/4″ Steel frames. Sportsman’s Anniversary gun safes have 3/4″ pry-resistant steel frames.

4) U.S. Locks – Many gun safes have overseas made locks that can be opened with over-rider keys. These locks are poorly manufactured and have combos that can be by-passed with a key. This is not good because first year locksmiths can pick these locks relatively easy. In short, buy a U.L. Sargent & Greenleaf Group I or Group II lock or commercial grade Kaba Mas digital lock. Sportsman offers a commercial grade K.M. digital lock for $249.

5) FACTORY-DIRECT – This sounds cliché, but buying a gun safe from a safe dealer will cost you 30%-50% more than buying that same safe factory-direct. Sportsman has factory-direct plants/stores throughout the USA.

If you want to talk to a gun safe expert at Sportsman Steel Safes, call us direct – 800 266-7150. Please visit our website to see our new 2016 – 2″ Step Doors with Concrete Fireproofing –

Thanks for viewing our Best Gun Safe Reviews!
– Kevin Hand CEO Sportsman Steel Safes


1200 Weapons Recovered by Cops – Safety Issue or Right’s Violation?

Last week a gun owner passed away. When the authorities entered his home, they discovered 1200 weapons and 2 tons of ammo. For reasons unknown, the police took possession of the deceased firearms. Do you think this violates this gun owners’ family’s rights? Or was there a safety issue that needed to be addressed. The guns were just piled upon each other, incurring much damage when they were taken away. Do you think having these weapons in a gun safe would have prevented the seizure of these weapons?  Please let us know what you think about this article.

Gun Safes – What an Extra $300 gets you when buying a gun safe

We just finished researching the gun safe industry. Turns out 90% of folks buy their gun safes from box stores. They probably buy these safes because they save $300. Which means a safe they buy for $995 would cost $1295 from Sportsman Safes.

But here’s what you give up for that $300 savings! You’ll be blown away.

1) 30 Min Fire resistance Vs. 60 Min fire resistance – You get twice the fireproofing.

2) 1″ Step Door – The box stores give you a flat door that seals on one level. Our step door gun safes are built like bank safes that seal on five levels.

3) 250lbs – Our 60 x 32 x 28 gun safe for $1295 weighs 800lbs compared to a box store gun safe that weights 550lbs. Heavier is always better.

4) Thicker steel – We use 10 gauge steel vs. 12 gauge. That’s two gauges thicker.

5) 3/4″ Frame that protects your bolts from pry attacks. Many of these box store gun safes only have 1/8″ frames. They are MUCH easier to pry into. You can see online how thin frame gun safes can be pried open in less than two minutes.

So you can see you get what you paid for. Plus, a 60 min fire safe will protect your guns from longer fires. 30 min fire safes are not enough protection for your guns and other belongings.

Call us if you need help with any gun safe purchase. Or simple if you have questions about any of our vault door products.

kevin H — Thanks!

Hello Gun Safe Buyers

Hello Gun Safe Buyers,

Recently an article came out on gun safes that illustrated the dos and don’t of buying a gun safe. They talked about the importance of bolts, seamless constructed bodies and 30 Min fireproofing.

They made a few good points, but a few were off.

First, whether a gun safe body is seamless or welded is not very important.
Sure you don’t want a gun safe with minimal 2″ long welds connection your safe pieces, but a gun safe box with continuous welds on the inside seams is very, very strong. Having a seamless box isn’t important. I’ve never heard of a single gun safe having their welds popped in 35 years. But I have heard of gun safe doors being pried open because the door frames were too thin.

Which brings me to my next point. You need a thick steel frame in front of your bolts. How many bolts you have in your door doesn’t mean anything if your gun safe has a thin protective frame. When you pry a gun safe door, the bolts will bent back a thin protective frame and the door opens. That’s why Sportsman Steel’s gun safes have massive, thick 3/4″ frames which are near impossible to pry.

The article also states with enough time you can get into any gun safe. This is kind of true, but there are several things you can do that will make breaking into your safe almost impossible. One is building an interior shell of torch-resistant stainless steel. A good 1/2″ stainless steel interior will make torching the safe very, very hard. Sportsman sells an stainless steel bodies for as little as $1500 depending on your size. View all of our gun safes here.

So call if you want to know more about gun safes or vault doors. We’re here to help.

Kevin Hand, CEO Sportsman Vaults – 800 266-7150
Clients: FBI, CIA & U.S. Secret Service
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Gun Safety Programs for Children

Owning a gun is a big responsibility, especially when you have children. Many people don’t realize that a majority of accidents involving guns could have been avoided if the firearms were properly locked in safes and other precautions were taken. According to Common Sense About Kids and Guns, over 13,000 children were injured by a gun in 2002. Further, the organization says that “40% of American households have a gun in them, and 30% of those guns are loaded and not secured.” These statistics are terrifying and as a result, many organizations are creating gun safety programs directed at children to help bring these numbers down.


Your child should never find this lying around. A gun safe and other safety precautions could prevent this.

  • Eddie Eagle Gun Safe ProgramEddie the Eagle was created by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and is directed at children from preschool to third grade. The program teaches kids what to do in the event that they find a gun. The mascot has visited over 26 million children and Eddie the Eagle never discusses whether owning a gun is good or bad, but promotes the importance of not touching a firearm if they ever see one.
  •– This is a nationwide program that puts an emphasis on teaching people who own firearms how to properly handle and store them. The program offers free “Safety Kits,” which include a cable-style gun-locking device and a pamphlet that addresses proper gun safety and storage. The purpose of the program is to prevent children from getting their hands on firearms and harming themselves or others. If you are interested in receiving a “Safety Kit,” visit the website to find out who the distribution partner is in your area.
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)– This organization doesn’t have a gun safety program for children, but it does have many great videos and lots of information for kids on its website. The site has a video about McGruff the Crime Dog and gun safety. Along with the video, the website features a teacher’s guide and safety pledge that children can take after watching. There is also a video directed at older children (grades 6-9) which focuses on how to stay safe around guns. The information on this site would be very useful for any teacher or school that wants to teach a lesson on the importance of gun safety.

All of these programs stress the importance of keeping firearms in gun safes so that they are out of the reach of children. It is the responsibility of every gun owner to make sure that they are properly caring for and storing their firearm.